HP Introduces New and Updated Solutions for Secure Mobile Print, New MPS Tools

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HP Inc. today announced new and updated solutions for mobile print and print security, and new tools for managed print services customers. The mobile print software is designed to make printing from mobile devices to printers on a corporate network easier and more secure, while the new managed print services are designed to help IT staff better understand and optimize print fleets for better performance.

Enhanced Printing from Mobile Devices

HP JetAdvantage Connect provides native printing, enabling users to print directly from business applications, using the built-in print capabilities of their mobile operating systems.

Mobile-device users can print to printers on the corporate network with a simple, intuitive PC-like print experience, without extra steps required, such as opening a print app or sending an email to the print queue. It also allows users to release jobs for printing at the printer, so that print jobs aren’t left unattended in the printer’s output tray. It’s said to be easier and less expensive for IT to deploy, as print-job rendering takes place on the mobile device, eliminating the need for a dedicated server, and IT can leverage the same tools used to configure and manage PC-based print infrastructure.

Currently HP JetAdvantage Connect supports Android, with Apple iOS device support coming later in June. Support for other mobile platforms will be added in the future. For more information on HP JetAdvantage Connect, visit HP here.

Greater Security for Printing from Mobile Devices

HP Access Control Secure Pull Print makes the print-authentication capabilities of HP Access Control available as a stand-alone offering at a lower cost. With this solution, IT staff can provide the same monitoring and protection features for print jobs coming from mobile devices as they do for print jobs coming from PCs.

HP Access Control Secure Pull Print enables users to send a print job to the network, and then release and retrieve it from any solution-enabled printer. It also provides quick user authentication.

HP notes that this solution also reduces waste by virtually eliminating unclaimed print jobs, streamlining print queues, and ensuring the right print job gets to the right user. With the delegate pull printing features, users can also authorize other users to print jobs on their behalf.

HP Access Control 15.2 has also been updated with support for the latest security protocols and the ability to use pull-printing across IT environments with multiple domains.

Better IT Print Management for Chromebooks

The HP Print for Chrome App, which enables local printing from Chromebooks, has been updated to support use with the Google administration console. HP says this update gives IT a streamlined way to deploy and manage the app across large fleets of Chromebooks.

Business Intelligence Solutions for MPS Customers

For HP managed print services (MPS) customers, HP is introducing a set of tools to give customers a complete view of their print fleet, along with predictive modeling to help prevent potential problems before they occur. These tools are said to enable customers to make better informed decisions, in partnership with HP, to ensure that their print fleet is optimized for productivity, security, and cost-effectiveness.

HP Device Control Center provides interactive print-fleet management with real-time device status and location information, while HP Instant Fleet Insights provides enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, leveraging device data such as service history, firmware versions, print-fleet composition, and device usage.

These tools are free for all HP direct Managed Print Services customers.

HP JetAdvantage Insights is said to be an easy-to-deploy cloud management tool that provides access to print-fleet data for customers with self-managed or partner-managed print environments, enabling them to maintain their print fleets better. It’s currently available for U.S. customers with broader availability to come in the future. For more information on JetAdvantage Insights, visit HP here.

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