EFI Launches ‘Revolutionary’ Single-Pass Inkjet Press for Corrugated Printing at drupa

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At the drupa 2016 commercial- and production-printing tradeshow currently being held in Dusseldorf, Germany, Electronics For Imaging (EFI) introduced what it’s calling its “biggest inkjet product development to date”: new EFI Nozomi single-pass LED technology, which can reach print speeds of up to 75 linear meters (246 linear feet) per minute. EFI says the new technology also gives customers the benefits of a low acquisition price with “significant total cost of ownership advantages.”

The new technology will be first incorporated in EFI’s 1.8m-wide EFI Nozomi C18000 inkjet press, which it says will help corrugated-cardboard manufacturers and brands access a wide color gamut and broader design options in corrugated board work.

The sheet-fed, digital packaging press has run speeds up to 8,100 m2 /hour and can print on boards up to 1.8m x 3m in size. Features include a double-lane printing feature that enables full use of the press’s speed and width, and increases throughput up to 9,000 80cm x 60cm boards per hour. The press’s LED-imaging capabilities are said to provide “brilliant, accurate color imaging on just about any board substrate,” including traditional Kemi, model, bleach, and kraft materials.

It’s also said to provide high-quality, direct-to-board digital printing, and eliminates a number of steps associated with plating, printing, and lamination in traditional analog production.

The EFI Nozomi C18000 press will be commercially available next year.

EFI says that while other inkjet technologies are often developed to address signage or document printing, and then adapted to corrugated packaging uses, its new EFI LED inkjet press has been designed from the ground up specifically for a $130 billion corrugated packaging industry that has more than 200 billion square meters of printed output per year — a figure that is more than 25-times greater than the estimated amount of annual signage and graphics output produced.

To create the press, EFI says its combined some of the best features from many of its development operations, including precision, single-pass inkjet imaging systems from U.S.-based EFI Jetrion digital-press facilities, and the company’s Cretaprint ceramic-decoration printer operations in Spain; LED-inkjet innovations from EFI’s global-ink development centers; super-wide-format press technology from the company’s U.S.-based VUTEk operations; Fiery digital front end (DFE) processing; management technology from EFI’s Silicon Valley development center; and cloud-based remote diagnostics and support advancements from EFI’s Bengaluru, India, technical center.

The firm says users will be able to increase their productivity with nearly any board application, running everything from 14-point cardstock to a full range of corrugated flutes — A, B, C, D, E, F, G, N, O, AB, AC, BC, EB, EF, and triple wall. without slowing down the press. The corrugated-board press prints in up to seven colors, including white, and prints at up to 360 x 720 dpi resolution with four-level grayscale imaging. An in-line primer provides operators with control over dot gain and ink absorption on different types of corrugated top sheets. A 100-percent in-line image-quality inspection system is tied to print-optimization technologies, including inkjet nozzle, alignment and uniformity correction for best image quality. EFI also says the Nozomi press’s permanent print-head architecture eliminates downtime associated with replacing print heads.

EFI will also incorporate its core Nozomi inkjet technology platform into new, high-volume printers for the signage printing market and other industries.


With its “cool cure” LED imaging capabilities, EFI says its Nozomi C18000 press eliminates wasteful warehousing routines for analog-printed packaging with “just-in-time: inventory. The packaging produced with the press is fully recyclable, with printed output meeting a leading recyclability and repulpability certification standard. Customers and brands can include the certification’s recyclability logo on corrugated board packaging, displays ,and other products printed using the press.

“Faster, Integrated Workflow for Maximum Productivity”

EFI says it’s the only major industry manufacturer in the packaging and printing industries that possesses “the full scope of industrial inkjet hardware and ink development along with DFE (digital front end) and end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) and MIS/ERP workflow technologies.” It says the integrated DFE and workflow products for the press will “elevate the overall productivity and profitability of users’ digital corrugated-board manufacturing operations in ways standalone digital print systems cannot accomplish.”

EFI’s new  Fiery XB bladed-architecture DFE will be available for the press, and will include Fiery job management, imposition, and automation tools. The new Fiery DFE for the Nozomi C18000 press will also integrate with MES and ERP technologies in EFI’s Packaging and Corrugated Packaging Suites, as well as with Esko workflows, for streamlined management, including dynamic scheduling, shop-floor data collection, and more.

The firm says it’s also the only digital-press manufacturer to offer fully integrated top- and bottom-feed options for a digital corrugated packaging press, using a patented system that also handles media separation, lift, transport, and alignment at full press speeds with programmable features for automatic feeding configurations on repeat jobs.


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