New Samsung Server-Less Business Core 2.0 Apps for Document Workflows, Print Tracking and Security

business core 2.0

Samsung Printing Solutions is introducing the next generation of its server-less Business Core suit of apps, version 2.0, that consists of five modular solutions, designed for small and mid-size businesses. The apps consist of solutions for tracking and controlling printing, securing Samsung MFPs, automating document workflows, and more, and run on Samsung’s XOA-e (eXtensible Open Architecture) open-architecture Java-based platform, so that a Java app can run by itself on the MFP and act as its own server.

The apps can be implemented individually or in any combination.

Samsung Business Core 2.0 provies all of the advantages of the its predecessor, Business Core Printing Solutions (BCPS), such as extended compatibility, lower installation and maintenance costs, reduced printing costs, and improved print monitoring.

It also however provides new features, including mobile-phone user authentication, improved security, simple PDF reports, advanced cloud-printing services options, and the Document Workflow Core app.

Tracking and Controlling Documents

Business Core 2.0 includes two apps for tracking and controlling printing.

Usage Tracker Core enables administrators to check on their printers’ use, print costs, and users. Administrators can monitor multiple devices and users at once, and the app generates reports for estimating future expenses.

Document Workflow

For large print volumes, the Document Workflow Core app can be used to automate document management, saving time and resources, by capturing, processing, and distributing documents digitally, and is useful for repetitive scan-and-distribute tasks.

The Zone OCR app reads scan codes and automatically routes documents as needed, sending them to preset locations using caller ID or metadata. Administrators can also make scanning and faxing more efficient by categorizing documents and distributing them digitally with just a single touch on the touchscreen.

Samsung says the Document Workflow Core app also features improved document conversion, allowing users to automatically convert files into Microsoft Office formats.

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