Two New HP DesignJet Z-Series Wide-Format Printers, Plus New Chromatic Red Ink

DesignJet Z5600_X2600

HP DesignJet Z-series

HP Inc. reports that it’s expanded its HP DesignJet Z-series of wide-impact color inkjet graphic-arts printers with a new 44-inch multi-roll printer and what it’s billing as its most-affordable 24-inch graphic-arts printer to date.

The new HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers come with a six-ink printing system, which HP says helps users cut costs by reducing ink consumption up to 20 percent, while still ensuring “crisp” color output. A new feature for the printers, which are designed for copy shops, retailers, and corporations, specifically GIS departments, is HP chromatic red ink, which HP says enhances the printers’ color gamut (range of colors that can be printed), and is said to be ideal for printing point of purchase (POP) signs and posters

“Our customers want colors that are vibrant, not muted; however they also need solutions that increase the color gamut without excess inks,” commented Xavier Garcia, general manager for HP Inc.’s Large-Format Sign and Display Division. “With today’s new printers, the HP DesignJet portfolio covers all graphic needs, from high-impact graphics, to photo-quality applications, enabling users to differentiate from the competition.”

The HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers are said to be suitable for printing a range of applications, from signs and posters, to durable maps and technical drawings. For greater line accuracy and color reliability, HP Professional Pantone color-emulation is included with Adobe PostScript/PDF, HP-GL/2 drivers. HP says the printers also print smooth color tones via HP Multi-Dimensional Smart Drop Placement Technology, which it says provides increased levels of color accuracy and reliable printer operation.

vivid photos inks for designjet

DesignJet vivid photo inks.

The new vibrant red ink is also to differentiate printed graphics and technical drawings from that of competitors, according to HP customer Wilson Rodriquez of Speedi Pack. “In addition, with its impressive, straightforward operation and dual-roll, we spend more time serving customers than operating the printer,” says Rodriquez.

HP DesignJet Z5600

The 44-inch, automatic multi-roll HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript Printer is said to boost media-loading efficiency up to 75 percent, and users can print up to 39-percent faster with quick-drying HP inks. For creating high-impact graphics, the pigment-based HP Vivid Photo inks are water- and fade-resistant for printing maps and technical drawings that HP testing says can last up to 200 years.

HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer

HP is billing its HP DesignJet Z2600 PostScript Printer as its most affordable 24-inch graphic-arts printer, stating that customers can save up to 20 percent on ink consumption using HP’s six-ink printing system (compared to the eight-ink Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400S). HP also says that with its “radically simple, intuitive operation,” no training is needed to use the printer. The printer uses HP Vivid Photo Inks, including the new chromatic red ink.

“One-Click Printing”

The firm says both new HP DesignJet Z-series printers include new HP DesignJet Click printing software to both simplify and minimize time spent sending print jobs with one-click printing for all PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and HP-GL/2 files sent from a Windows PC or Apple Mac to the HP DesignJet Z-series printers. The software is also said to help reduce media costs with features such as nesting and file-error warnings, and users can now be more productive with real-time image previews, along with print-driverless and multi-page/multi-file PDF printing of posters, roll-up banners, CAD drawings, maps, and info-graphic presentations.

HP notes that more than 3 million HP DesignJets are installed around the world, while according to market-research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), HP is the global leading wide-format printer vendor.

The HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 Postscript Printers will be available in mid-June 2016. For more information and complete specifications, visit HP Inc. here.

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