Xerox Rolls Out Secure Print Manager Suite 2.0, MFP App Customization Service, Plus New Workflow-Automation Solutions

new pathAs Xerox prepares to split into two companies – a move that should be complete in January 2017 – today it introduced its next-generation of Managed Print Services (MPS) tools, including the next generation of Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite, version 2.0, and new workflow solutions for education, retail banking, and manufacturing, as well as an MFP Workflow App Customization Service for customizing workflows with  Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs. Xerox executives discussed the new offerings in an online Webinar last week.

Xerox Secure Print Manager Suite 2.0

The goals of Xerox’s MPS security strategy are two-fold: support companies’ security governance and regulatory compliance, and protect intellectual property and proprietary data.

The new Xerox Secure Print Manger Suite 2.0, powered by Y Soft, will be available for customers in the United States, Canada, and Xerox Europe in the second-quarter. With it, Xerox says customers will be able to:

  • Add more print security, control, and reporting without disrupting IT infrastructure.
  • Improve control over print use and costs for more savings and to meet environmental-sustainability goals.
  • Authenticate users for secure printing anywhere, without putting information or data at risk.
  • Automated data gathering and management, minimizing burdens on IT.
  • Lay the groundwork for ongoing security improvement with data.
  • Guide users to use print resources more efficiently.

Also in the area of security at Xerox, under development are new two areas: MFP content security, and secure document collaboration. Additional third-party and Xerox security solutions are also under development,, including low-cost solutions for entry-level customers. Xerox’s partners for security include Nuance Communications, SafeQ, and others.

Xerox MFP Workflow App Customization Service

The Xerox MFP Workflow App Customization Service is for use with Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs, so that customers can build their own customized applications for document workflows, applications that aren’t currently available from any source.

With it, customers can:

  • Link to PC desktop applications.
  • Access their corporate intranet, or the Internet.
  • Develop new composite applications.
  • Create customized document workflows.
  • Access proprietary systems.
  • Compose new services.

Examples of customization might include an app enabling a guest to pre-print their flight boarding pass, targeted data extraction,  and integration with line-of-business systems.

A “real-world” example is that of an aeronautics company that created a custom app for “instantly” digitizing technical documents so that those within the company have near-instant access to the documents.

The Xerox MFP Workflow App Customization Service will be available for customers in the United States, Canada, and Xerox Europe in the second-quarter.

Workflow App Customization Service

New Xerox Business Development Tools for MPS

The newest tools in Xerox’s suite for MPS channel partners are designed to give these partners insight into potential growth opportunities using relevant data.

The Customized Opportunity Spotting Reports mine data gathered by the MPS tool suite. Partners can then filter by client, location, technology, OEM vendor, and page volume. The report also allows the partner to model the revenue potential of different business scenarios. Partners can also view client retention rates, renewal rates, early terminations, and changes in MIF over selected time periods of up to 12 months.

Managed Supplies Client Saving & Partner Margin Calculators can also be used to evaluate the partner’s profit and the client’s savings when choosing a managed supplies service over the client’s current method of purchasing supplies.

A face-off guide packages Xerox’s experience against key competitors into an MPS feature-comparison table, with win/loss analysis, and a potential client questions with suggested follow-up responses.

Xerox MPS Support Assistant App

The Support Assistant App is designed for use with Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs to make servicing and supplying MFPs faster and more efficient for Xerox partners, so that, for instance, customers can view status details at the device – for instance, see when toner has been shipped.

Customers get up-to-date service-related information, while the benefit for Xerox partners is that they receive fewer customer queries, which can result in better customer satisfaction.

The Xerox MPS Support Assistant App is now available globally.

connectkey support assistant app

New Workflow-Automation  Solutions

As noted, Xerox introduced 15 new workflow-automation solutions for retail banking, education, and manufacturing, all of which will be available for clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe in the second-quarter.

These workflow-automation solutions are designed to make time-consuming tasks faster and error, as well as eliminate manual data entry, and make it easier and faster to access information, as well as keep information safe and secure. They include workflow-automation solutions for everything from processing college financial-aid requests, to whether it’s processing college students’ requests for student aid, to signing on new customers at a retail bank.

Andy Jones, vice president of Xerox’s Large Enterprise Operations Workflow Automation Services, explained that Xerox’s Workflow-Automation Services are “enabling the print-to-digital transformation for our customers, helping our customers shape their digital workplace with insight and services.” Jones also noted that Xerox’s private cloud infrastructure will e one of Xerox’s big areas of growth in the coming years.

Jones also explained that Xerox still sees “a need for people to take paper (documents) and scan it with a Xerox MFP, and then route it to a digital destination, such as systems of record.” Xerox is also working with various partners, including Hyland with its OnBase process-management solutions. “Hyland is very important for us,” noted Jones. A typical workflow would consist of: intelligent capture of documents (scanning with the MFP), processing the scanned document with Hyland OnBase software, and finally, content management with Xerox’s DocuShare (on-premise or via the cloud) for storing the digital document.

New Workflow-Automation Solutions for Education

Xerox  Workflow Automation Solution for Admissions Processing –  Designed to remove paper from admissions operations to make reviews faster and easier, streamlining the process for admissions counselors by automating the capture and routing of documents for faster, more accurate admissions.

Xerox  Workflow Automation Solution for Athletics – Designed for compliance while streamlining back-office administrative tasks. Information is securely stored in one central repository, providing authorized users instant access to documents, whether it’s a physician’s report with conditioning restrictions, a scouting report for a possible recruit or a health-screening form. This solution facilitates the submission, routing, and approval of requests for on site and offsite recruiting visits.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Financial Aid – Automated tools help colleges and universities process high volumes of financial-aid applications.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Registrar Processing – Helps colleges and universities more easily meet compliance and auditing requirements with secure, policy-based management of student records.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Student Advising – Designed to improve advising with a complete “360-degree view: of all student information for advisors. The solution provides staff with automating reminders and tracking no-shows of scheduled appointments, tracking every contact with a student, including email, phone calls and notes from in-person meetings. It leverages information from ERP, CRM and SIS systems without the need for manual data entry, thus minimizing the possibility of human error.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Student Billing – Enables colleges to implement a streamlined, service-oriented approach to student billing while accelerating cash flow, while minimizing time-consuming, manual, paper-reliant processes.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Transcript Capture and Evaluation – Automates the transcript-capture and transfer-course evaluation processes. Because transcripts are stored electronically rather than routing hard copies across campus, institutions mitigate the risk of losing or misplacing confidential student information.

Workflow-Automation Solutions for Manufacturing

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Engineering Change Management Simplifies product-change requests through a process that automates file management while providing version-control to minimize errors from initial review to implementation.

CAD users can retrieve engineering files and electronic request forms from a central repository throughout the change-request life cycle, and the solution can be integrated into various systems, including CAD, MES and PLM, to improve collaboration and communication

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Logistics and Fulfillment – Enables clients to streamline logistics and fulfillment processes, as well as improve communication with their customers and suppliers no matter where they’re located. It provided a central, secure, and online platform where customers can complete forms, provide feedback and generate claims.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) – Designed to enable organizations to integrate their service arm with their ERP systems and devices in the field. Enables clients to prepare MRO professionals with the right information at the right time, from mobile capabilities that streamline service notifications, to integration into ERP systems.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Quality Assurance – Enables organizations to meet critical quality-control objectives while ensuring that processes are completed consistently and on time. Organizations input their policy and procedure information into an easily accessible checklist format. Users can then view a policy’s purpose and the steps required to fulfill it. By automatically generating electronic checklists and assigning tasks to specific individuals, the solution becomes an official record of work that helps to continuously improve processes through feedback, collected information, and metrics.

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Research and Development Testing – Provides a centralized platform that can be integrated into PLM, MES and CRM systems to provide clients with the latest information to support their R&D initiatives, ultimately enabling manufacturers to launch products faster, and improve timelines through preset and preconfigured process workflows.

Workflow-Automation Solutions for Retail Banking

Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for Compliance and Records Management – Automates document retention for easier audits and ensures compliance with internal and external standards. Provides instant and secure access to important financial documents and information.  Since all actions in workflow are auditable and traceable, there is always a secure trail following every interaction and document with the workflow system.

Xerox  Workflow Automation Solution for Fraud Management – Allows financial institutions to log, access, and interact with critical data involved in fraud investigations. Investigators can create new case records, update the status of the case, and link multiple cases together.

Xerox  Workflow Automation Solution for New Client Onboarding – Designed to streamline and automate Customer Due Diligence (CDD) by capturing client identification documents and creating audit trails to help demonstrate Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know Your Customer (KYC) and other regulations compliance. Information coming from a variety of devices is electronically captured and classified. The solution sends up red flags to staff members if information is missing. Only when all the required information is included is the file routed for action or review.

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