3D-Printer Maker Stratasys Teams Up with Fuji Xerox to Expand Reach in Australia

stratasys multi filament printer

Parts produced by Stratasys’s Multi Filament 3D printer.

For the last several years, various “2D” copier/printer companies have formed distribution agreements with the professional and manufacturing 3D-printer company 3D Systems –  including Canon EuropeKonica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Kyocera Document Solutions U.K., and Konica Minolta Australia.  Now 3D Systems’ current main rival in the 3D-printer market, Stratasys, is partnering with Fuji Xerox Australia in a bid to strengthen Stratasys’s 3D-printing reach in Australia.

Stratasys, whose subsidiary, Stratasys Asia Pacific, will work with Fuji Xerox, notes that Fuji Xerox has a “long-standing experience in offering enterprise IT solutions,” including document-management products, large-format printing systems, and data-security services, to a wide range of customers ranging from enterprises to small and mid-size businesses. Stratasys provides 3D-printing solutions and advanced applications to companies across various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, education, medical, manufacturing and industrial machines.

Combined with Stratasys’ expertise in the 3D-printing domain and suite of professional 3D printing solutions and materials, Stratasys says Fuji Xerox Australia is “poised to drive local adoption of 3D printing and optimization of its capabilities.”

Ido Eylon, Vice president of sales for Stratasys Asia Pacific commented: “We are very excited about the partnership with Fuji Xerox Australia. The partnership marks an important milestone in extending our reach in Australia, assisting customers to accelerate their go-to-market strategies through streamlined product development cycle and customised production parts. With Fuji Xerox Australia’s rich experience and understanding of local needs, we look forward to bringing the latest 3D-printing solutions to organisations that are in need of efficient rapid prototyping and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for optimised operations and business performance.”

“Partnering with an industry leader like Stratasys allows us to offer the latest 3D printing technologies; thus fulfilling our commitment to bringing the latest technologies to local customers,” commented Jennifer Baile, national business manager of 3D Sales & Operations for Fuji Xerox Australia.”Stratasys offers high-performance 3D printing systems with industry-specific applications and a wide range of materials of different mechanical properties. We are delighted to introduce Stratasys 3D printing solutions to our client base and network, enabling them to streamline their product development cycle, thus optimising rapid prototyping and manufacturing efficiency.”

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