New Xerox Cloud-Based IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management for Inkjet Production-Printing Presses

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Xerox is introducing a new color-management solution designed to help print providers reduce time-consuming color-correction procedures and ensure that inkjet production-printing presses produce consistent color printing from the beginning of a production print job to the end. The firm says that print shops running inkjet presses without an in-line spectrophotometer, regardless of manufacturer, can maintain consistent color printing from print job-to-print job with its new IntregratedPLUS Automated Color Management (ACM) solution. According to Xerox, without any additional hardware investments, the ACM solution maintains accurate color printing with the use of a scanner and laptop.

The solution automates color-correction processes, even for operators without color-management experience, decreasing the number of steps required, and reducing press downtime “from hours to minutes.” Operators simply scan a printed sheet, send it to the cloud via ACM, and the details are delivered back in minutes.

With built-in automation capabilities, the firm says the solution ensures print jobs are achieving “predictable and accurate color” printing throughout the entire production process. ACM is said to improve productivity, increase workflow efficiencies, and simplify color management. The system provides specification-feedback for press operators along with procedures for any out-of-spec engine that requires color maintenance.

Key features include:

  • Helps ensure predictable and accurate color throughout the entire production-printing process.
  • Combines a cloud server, local applications, powerful digital front-end workflow solutions.
  • Automates printer monitoring, remote administration of color resources, and predefined workflow and printer-recovery procedures.
  • Maximizes workflow automation for inline, near line, and offline workflows.
  • Validates Xerox DFE and printer settings to ensure that the press and DFE will provide the best match possible to the original approved print condition.
  • Performs data calculations and analysis in the cloud.
  • Leverages the strength of Xerox technology partners CGS or CMI to help operators produce more jobs.
  • Removes the need to run local printer color-management packages at multiple sites, using different versions or settings to analyze color data.
  • Includes Xerox Professional Services support.

“IntegratedPLUS Automated Color Management reduces workflow complexities and increases accuracy with automation of press monitoring, profiling, and spot color updates,” explained Mike Lacagnina, Xerox World Wide IntegratedPLUS business manager. “At drupa, we’ll be showcasing how this solution reduces workflow steps from 34 to nine on the Xerox Rialto 900 inkjet press.”

For more information on ACM, visit Xerox here.

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