Lexmark Settles with Protesting Workers in Júarez, Mexcio

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The El Paso Herald reports that Lexmark International has settled with fired factory workers at its printer-cartridge manufacturing plant located in Ciudad Júarez, Mexico.

In October 2015, Lexmark had fired the worker after they had demanded a pay raise of $0.35 per day, and then went on strike. Lexmark subsequently fired the striking workers.

Those fired, about 700 employees, then began trying to set up an independent union to advocate pay increases and improvements in working conditions..

Last week, Lexmark offered terms for the workers to end their strike, which the workers then accepted, signing an agreement on April 10th. The agreement includes a confidentiality clause that bars the workers from speaking about details of the agreement. The workers also removed their encampment in front of the Lexmark plant.

A March letter that was signed by 32 U.S., Canadian, and Mexican union officials asking that Lexmark respect the workers’ labor rights, and sent to Lexmark CEO Paul Rooke and company executives Rocio Sarabia and Robert Patton, was instrumental in Lexmark’s decision to settle with the workers. The letter demanded that the OEM “respect the labor rights of the workers and the labor law,” as well as “international norms.”

Workers and others in Mexico have also set up an association called OBRER@S MAQUILER@S DE CUIDAD JUÁREZ, A.C, which is designed to provide “a voice of all the industry workers” to help “fight for permanent change and better working conditions.”

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