Konica Minolta Purchases Video-Surveillance Company MOBOTIX, Expands Share in MGI Production-Printing Company


A MOBOTIX video-surveillance camera.

Konica Minolta, Inc. of Tokyo is the second copier/MFP company to purchase a security-technology company, German company MOBOTIX AG  – following on the heels of Canon Inc. of Japan, which purchased Axis Communications last year. Konica Minolta also announced that it’s increased its investment in MGI Digital Graphic Technology, a decoration printing-equipment manufacturer based in France (see below).

On March 29th, the firm announced that it had negotiated a share-transfer agreement with major shareholder Dr. Ralf Hinkel Holding GmbH, and other shareholders of MOBOTIX, a manufacturer of video-surveillance systems used, for instance, in airports, sports centers, and prisons.

MOBOTIX also develops decentralized processing (edge-computing) IP cameras, image-data compression, and image-data analytics technologies.

Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX will also collaborate on future security technologies, including next-generation network-security solutions, by using both companies’ technologies, including Konica Minolta’s industrial optical systems, such as its 3D-LiDAR to scan, without errors or failed reports, wide areas at a high-precision levels.

Some of the proposed security solutions will include solutions for monitoring residents at nursing-care homes, and monitoring workflows at manufacturing facilities.

Konica Minolta says it will also broaden the distribution of MOBOTIX products and services via its global direct-sales network and after-sales support and services systems.

Expansion of Stake in MGI Decoration-Printing Equipment Manufacturer

The firm also reported that it will be expanding its stake in MGI Digital Graphic Technology, acquiring an additional 30.5 percent of MGI’s shares in April 2016, which will give it a total of 40.5 percent of MGI’s shares.

Konica Minolta’s share of MGI is designed to strengthen its presence in the industrial-printing market, and also “further accelerate its initiatives” for package printing and 3D-component printing.

The firm notes that, since 2003, it’s focused on production printing as a “growth driver,” and invested in production-printing technology and product development, as well as acquisitions and alliances. During the past decade, it says its production-printing business has increased five-fold.

Since its financial and strategic alliance with MGI in 2014, Konica Minolta has added MGI’s output-equipment, including hot-foil stamping and document-embossing, to its product line.

Example of MGI’s hot-foil stamping.

Some of MGI’s major product’s include JETvarnish 3D – Spot UV Coating. JETvarnish 3D (below) provides digital spot-UV coating, and increased throughput for flat-spot UV jobs and three-dimensional raised effects.

JETvarnish 3D - Spot UV Coating

MGI’s iFOIL (below) eliminates the need for films, dies and make-ready, allowing operators to produce hot-foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets.

iFOIL - Digital Embossing and Hot Foil Stamping

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