Hands-On Test Report, Videos, Photo Gallery: Brother’s ImageCenter ADS-3000N Document Scanner

Scanning and Programming Shortcuts

Management and Security
The ADS-3000N can be managed via its EWS (Embedded Web Server) and the Remote Configuration Utility. It is also compatible with Brother BRAdmin Professional/Light fleet-management solutions. Security is provided via Kerberos and NTLMv2 network authentication protocols.

Cost Per Scan and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Unlike printers, the ADS-3000N has minimal consumables. Since pricing for the PRKA2001 Roller Kit (scan yield is approximately 200,000 pages) is not yet available, we cannot perform a cost analysis. However, previous models that required feed-kit changes every 50,000 scans had a cost per scan of 0.87¢, and the ADS-3000N’s cost per scan will likely be lower.

This is a very fast business scanner with minimal operating costs that is available direct from Brother and other online sources. Its value is comparable to that of similarly equipped scanners that are available from other vendors.

Summary and Recommendation

Not all scanners are created equal: some are designed for authenticated and advanced document-scanning workflows in vertical markets and enterprises; others are designed for the scanning and distribution of photos and slides; while others are catch-all systems that are built-into MFPs and All-in-Ones whose scanner system is either under-featured, confusing to manage and/or use, or unable to withstand the volume of scans that some workflows and office-communications applications demand. That said, many companies may ultimately find that the time that users spend scanning documents with the company’s MFP or All-in-One impedes its use by others who may want to print, copy, or fax with the unit.

Brother’s ImageCenter line of document scanners is composed of a variety of alternatives and designed to withstand the volume of scans that office workflows and office-communications applications typically demand. There are fully featured models with touch screens, scan to cloud and social networks, and compatibility with remote devices. Then, there’s the ADS-3000N that features a more robust design and focused feature set in order to make it more suitable for high-volumes for office, workgroup, and industrial applications.

In testing, we found that the Brother ImageScan ADS-3000N performed very well and was very easy to manage and use. On the downside, software installation and setup is lengthy and can be somewhat complex, especially if performed by novices or for advanced workflows. That said, we recommend that administrators install the entire software suite and determine beforehand the most suitable mix of software to install on every user’s PC. Also, keep in mind that: there are only three destination shortcuts, forcing administrators to identify with their most critical applications; pull-scanning from PCs is exactly the same as it is with other ImageCenter models and Brother All-in-Ones and MFPs; some other ImageCenter models have far more features and flexibility that may or may not be result in greater effectiveness and productivity; and there’s a range of even more upscale ImageCenter models from Brother.

While the ImageCenter ADS-3000N displayed outstanding performance in our tests, we feel that this particular model resides in a niché of its own making that must be carefully considered by research and model selection beforehand. Consequently, it is Well Worth Consideration for offices who have pre-determined that its unique features fit their applications for use as an easy-to-use, fast and manageable digital on-ramp for authenticated workgroup workflows that exceed the capabilities provided by more consumer-oriented desktop scanners and run-of-the-mill desktop MFPs and All-in-Ones.

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