Lexmark Launches ReadSoft Online R8 for More Efficient Accounts-Payable Processing

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Lexmark International is launching ReadSoft Online R8 for accounts-payable processing. The cloud-based solution is designed for small and mid-size businesses to help them process accounts-payables faster and more efficiently.

According to the firm,  ReadSoft Online provides a number of advantages for faster processing, including reduction of manual data entry and cost-per-invoice processing by as much as 90 percent. Other advantages include:

  • Helps businesses eliminate duplicate or lost invoices.
  • Integrates with many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and incorporates “business logic” with country-specific knowledge for capturing data from vendor invoices.
  • Invoices can be uploaded into ReadSoft Online, or the solution may be used to scan paper invoices and capture invoices received via email.
  • After the critical content has been extracted and verified, invoice data can be automatically routed to an optional approval workflow. Invoice images and data can then be transferred to downstream applications and repositories.
  • Runs on Windows Azure, the ReadSoft Online multi-tenant cloud solution provides secure 24/7 availability and access to real-time product updates.

Lexmark notes that while more than 2,700 small and mid-size businesses use ReadSoft Online, the R8 version provides:

  • Enhanced line item extraction and verification.
  • Enhanced user experience with a more intuitive, modern user interface.
  • Microsoft Excel imports for supplier and purchase order master data.
  • Support for 18 different languages of invoice origin, including simplified Chinese.
  • Expanded supplier-recognition capabilities.

For more information on ReadSoft Online, visit Lexmark here.

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