Katun Responds to Toshiba Lawsuit, Says Products Don’t Infringe


Maker of OEM-alternative supplies for the office-imaging industry Katun has responded to a patent-infringement lawsuit recently filed in the United States by Toshiba America Business Solutions and Toshiba TEC Corporation. The Toshiba lawsuit alleges that Katun infringed upon potential patent infringement of certain Toshiba patents.

In a press release William McIntyre, senior vice president and general counsel for Katun, stated: “Katun has led the aftermarket industry for over 35 years in providing IP-compliant, high quality products. We invest significant resources, and rely heavily on subject matter expertise, to ensure IP compliance. Accordingly, Katun is confident the products we are selling for use in Toshiba applications are non-infringing.”

In its lawsuit, Toshiba and co-plaintiff Toshiba TEC allege that Katun’s OEM-alternative toner cartridges designed for use in Toshiba copier/MFPs infringed upon nine Toshiba U.S. toner patents. Toshiba filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on November 25th.

Toshiba says it’s filing the patent-infringement lawsuit against Katun to defend its intellectual property rights, while protecting its customers from infringing products claiming to be an alternative to Toshiba’s own products.

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