Katun Says its Canon-Alternative Supplies are IP-Compliant


Katun has responded to Canon’s toner patent-infringement suit, filed in February 2015 in the United States against a number of companies, including Katun. In its lawsuit, Canon alleges patent-infringement of certain Canon patents, specifically as it relates to a “dongle-type rotating arm” ( a coupling mechanism at the end of a drum). When Canon filed this suit in February 2015, it named 18 parties, and amended its filing on May 7th to now include 33 parties.

William McIntyre, senior vice president and general counsel for Katun stated in a press release: “For 35 years, Katun has led the industry in providing IP-compliant, high quality, OEM-equivalent, aftermarket product. We continue to make significant annual investment in support of our robust processes for ensuring IP compliance, which are supported by our team of in-house intellectual-property (IP) attorneys who, combined, have more than 20 years of IP and industry experience. Accordingly, Katun is confident the product we are selling is IP compliant. Our subject matter expertise is a key component of our product strategy and will be the driving factor in bringing this issue to resolution.”

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