Copier Careers: Average Copier Sales Rep Annual Comp is $116,000

copier salescatCopier Careers has released its 2015 Copier Careers Sales Representative Salary Survey, which reflects the responses of over 10,000 copier-channel sales representatives. The survey tracks base pay, quotas, and commissions for several different job titles:  account executives, MPS (managed print services)/solution sales reps, named account managers, senior account executives, major account managers, government account managers, and national account managers.

Key findings from this year’s survey include:

  • Average annual total compensation for a copier-channel sales rep is around $116,000.
  • Since 2014, average annual compensation has risen by only $400.
  • The average monthly quota for MPS/solution sales reps is around $45,000.
  • Average annual base pay for all job titles was $48,804.
  • Combined with average commissions of $68,067, that brings total average compensation to $116,871.
  • Major account managers reported the highest average income ($131,349 annually), followed by government account managers ($126,076), MPS/solution sales reps ($121,859), national account managers ($121,546), senior account executives ($118,378), and named account managers ($109,689).
  • Lagging behind the others were account executives, with an average annual income of $89,200.

According to Copier Careers’ survey, quotas have remained stable this year, with only tiny increases since 2014. Account executives reported average monthly quotas of $37,655, an increase of only $10 over the past year. MPS/solution sales reps reported average quotas of $44,998 (up $180 since 2014) and named account managers reported quotas of $59,112 (up $500 since 2014).

Many dealerships have streamlined and simplified their comp plans over the past few years, according to Copier Careers. However, a separate Copier Careers poll conducted earlier this year found that more than 60 percent of sales reps think there’s still room for improvement.

For their part, dealer principals are working to get their compensation formulas right, and many have added staff and software in the back office to bolster their financial analytics. But at this point the problem isn’t so much about determining margins on solutions as it is about balancing rewards for past success with incentives for future performance.

Copier Careers notes that now that MPS has made recurring revenue a significant portion of most sales-compensation plans, keeping sales reps motivated to hunt for new business has become a formidable challenge for dealers.

As a result of MPS and MNS (managed network services) annuities, sales reps are now staying at their current jobs longer because the cost of leaving — and thus leaving behind their recurring income streams — has gotten higher. It also appears that they are staying in the copier channel longer. A recent Copier Careers poll of more than 2,800 people found that 87 percent of respondents view copier sales as a longterm career path. “MPS made us a great industry for the long-term,” said one poll respondent. “You can now sell anything to anyone.”

According to Copier Careers, when successful sales reps do leave their jobs, it’s often a response to a dealership’s inability to provide adequate service and support.

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