Color-Laser MFP Sales up 12 Percent in Western Europe in Early Third-Quarter

western europe sateliteOn October 9th, IT market-research Context reported that in the early third quarter of 2015,  sales of laser MFPs increased by 12 percent year-over-year across Western Europe

According to research from Context, which is headquartered in London, unit sales of laser MFPs through Western Europe’s IT distributors continue to grow 12 percent year-over-year in the first 10 weeks of third-quarter 2015, driven mainly by sales of color MFPs.

According to Zivile Brazdziunaite, imaging market analyst at Context, “Sales of color laser MFPs account for 20 percent of all printer hardware sold through IT distribution in Western Europe and registered an increase of +17% year-over-year, driven particularly by strong performance in Germany and France.”

Reductions in the average selling price, and a growth in the number of customers choosing more impactful color printing over black-and-white printing, account for the continuous volume increase in the subcategory. The -14 percent decrease in the ASP (average selling price) of color laser MFPs, from €630 to €517, is the result of fierce competition and changes in vendor product mix, according to Context.

Sales of black-and-white laser MFPs registered a weaker, but still positive, performance, growing by +8 percent in early third-quarter 2015 across Western Europe as a result of large increases in the UK (+26 percent) and Germany (+14 percent). The price of these also continued to fall, with a decrease of -4 percent year-over-year taking the average selling price down to €233.

Laser MFPs year-over-year unit sales growth for early third-quarter 2015 (first 10 weeks of the quarter) for each country is as follows:

Germany: 39 percent
Italy: -7 percent
France: -1 percent
United Kingdom: 5 percent
Spain: -8 percent
Netherlands: 14 percent
Switzerland: 7 percent
Sweden: -5 percent
Portugal: 29 percent
Finland: -28 percent
Denmark: -10 percent
Belgium: 8 percent
Austria: 4 percent
Norway: -23 percent

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