Samsung Wins Toner-Cartridge Patent-Infringement Lawsuit Against Four Resellers in Germany

samsung HQ koreaSamsung Electronics of Seoul, Korea, reports that it’s won a patent-infringement lawsuit against four toner-cartridge resellers in Germany for distribution of unlicensed, non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) toner cartridges that the court found to infringe upon Samsung’s patent (German part of European Patent EP 1 975 744).

The Munich District Court ruled that the four resellers infringed upon Samsung’s patent for toner cartridge CLP-620. The resellers sold toner cartridges that were molded to be compatible with Samsung printers.

The court ordered each of the resellers to stop selling all relevant products with the patented features, and to recall those that have been distributed since July 24, 2013.

“We are pleased with the judgment,” said David SW Song, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Printing Solutions Business. “The lawsuits are intended to protect our intellectual property rights, the rights and interests of consumers, and those of companies that produce and sell legitimately manufactured toner cartridges. We will continue to take action against resellers that sell illegal, unlicensed toners that are compatible with our products.”

Samsung says customers can identify a genuine Samsung toner cartridge by checking the label on the cartridge box. The label should change colors when seen from different angles, and the embossed characters should have a distinguishable texture.

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