More on Canon’s 3D Printer: Faster Printing, More Precise and Durable Output

canon 3d printerLast month, Canon exhibited its first in-house developed 3D printer at Canon Expo 2015 in New York City, while this week at the Canon Expo 2015 in Paris, Canon Europe provided more details on the new 3D printer, which is designed for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

The firm says that industrial use of 3D printer is expanding at a growth rate of 30 percent, primarily in the manufacturing industry, in sectors such as aerospace and automotive.

Essentially it says its 3D printer is different from others on the market because it provides faster print speed, and produces more durable and smoother objects – that is, more precise objects, as it says the printer uses a  “totally new” method of 3D printing. The Canon 3D printer uses what Canon calls “lamination” or “sheeting” technology, providing “rapid, simultaneous” generation of multiple sheets of general-purpose resin, followed by high-precision position-sheet welding. Last is the washing of all water-soluble support materials to produce the finished object. The end result is a 3D printer that can produce objects moulded at the highest industry standards for a smoother surface finish that reduces the need for time-consuming post-processing.

Canon also says the general-purpose resin used to produce objects gives objects superior strength. It says the use of resin also means users can use the same 3D printer to create prototypes as well as produce small runs of the final product. As seen in the photos below, various colors of resin will be available.

Along with the 3D printer, Canon says it’s developed 3D Integrated Software for integrating multiple 3D scanners, 3D printers, and other devices.

There’s no word yet on when Canon’s 3D printer will be available (and specifications are subject to change). However, Canon Europe already markets 3D manufacturing printers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but they’re sourced from partner 3D Systems, and aren’t Canon-developed. Canon is also marketing 3D Systems’ 3D printers in Japan.

canon 3d printer sample objects

Samples of objects produced by Canon’s 3D printer.

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