Amazon Announces New Toner- and Ink-Cartridge Replacement Service for Brother, Samsung Printers

amazon dash replacement serviceAmazon has announced its new Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) program under which compatible Internet-connected Brother and Samsung printers will be able to automatically order and ship toner or ink when it runs low using Amazon’s authentication and payment systems, customer service, and fulfillment network. That means, for instance, when a Brother inkjet printer or All-in-One is running low on ink, new ink cartridges will automatically be shipped to the customer and the customer billed for the new cartridges.

After the printer “orders” the new supplies, a confirmation email is sent to the customer, who can then cancel the order if they wish.

The program should in particular appeal to small businesses, which will no longer have to keep track of and re-order toner or ink supplies, and will no longer be faced with running out of ink or toner, particularly at critical times.

According to Don Cummins, Brother’s senior vice president of marketing, “This collaboration combines our focus on providing high-quality Brother supplies with Amazon’s reputation for reliable shipping and exceptional service. Brother is committed to developing and supporting innovative services for our customers.”

According to Amazon, device manufacturers can start including DRS with 10 lines of code using simple HTML containers and REST API calls. Once DSR is integrated into the hardware, the maker of the device can place the order when supplies are running low on behalf of the customer. The ordering process from the device doesn’t manage addresses, payment instruments, or billing systems, ensuring that this confidential information is not stored on the device.

Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service isn’t just limited to printers – Whirlpool has signed up for automated delivery of laundry supplies, Brita has signed up for automated delivery of filters, and pet-food marketer Clever Pet has signed up for automated delivery of dog food.

DRS is currently in a limited participation beta test, and will be publicly available this fall, at which time we should probably see which Brother and Samsung printer models will be included under the program.

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