New HP Inkjet Production Printers Using HP PageWide Inkjet Print-Head Technology

PageWide Web PressAt the Graph Expo 2015 trade show for commercial and production printing currently being held in Chicago, Hewlett-Packard introduced its first HP PageWide Web Presses powered by its High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA). At the trade show, HP also demonstrated enhancements  to its HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press, including improved image quality, higher productivity, and more application options for print service providers (PSPs).

The new HP PageWide Web Press portfolio – which HP previously called “HP Inkjet Web Presses” – are built using HP PageWide Technology, which HP is using across its graphics-, business- and consumer-printing platforms. The two new 42-inch inkjet web presses, the HP PageWide Web Press T480 HD and T470 HD, are said to provide enhanced print quality with dual-drop-weight architecture, 2,400 ink nozzles per inch, and built-in nozzle redundancy.

“Printing technology must keep pace with the challenging market conditions PSPs face today, including higher job volume, strict color requirements, and the need for competitive differentiation,” said Mike Salfity, vice president and general manager of HP’s Graphics Solutions Business. “HP is committed to offering industry-leading digital solutions across its PageWide Web Press and Indigo portfolios that help PSPs meet their clients’ toughest demands and stay ahead of the competition.”

HP PageWide Web Presses

HP says its HDNA production inkjet print-head technology provides enhanced print quality and performance to meet a growing range of applications. The new HP PageWide Web Press T480 HD and T470 HD solutions are suitable for applications such as publishing, direct-mail, and general commercial printing, including printing of color trade publications, medical journals, posters and banners up to 108 inches long, as well as high-end retail brochures and catalogs.

The new high-capacity inkjet presses feature a quality mode that enables dual-drop weight per color for producing sharp text, fine lines, accurate skin tones, smooth gray and color transitions, as well as enhanced highlight and shadow details at print speeds up to 400 feet per minute (fpm). New performance modes also offer speeds up to 800 fpm and 600 fpm using single-drop weights.

Current customers can upgrade to the new technology enabled by HDNA. HP says its Financial Services group will also help customers simplify their investments in inkjet with flexible IT investment solutions for all HP PageWide Web Presses. Customers can now lock in pricing for up to 84 months.

Rotomail Italia SpA, one of the largest digital color PSPs in Europe, will become the first in the world to install the HP PageWide Web Press T480 HD in its Milan, Italy-based facility.

At Graph Expo 2015, HP also announced:

HP Indigo Enhancements

The previously announced HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press offers enhanced on-press color-management tools in press software version 11.4, as well as an in-line spectrophotometer, eliminating the need for manual color manipulations. Available this month, HP says media fingerprinting, 3D color calibration, spot-color refinement, and other advanced color-management tools streamline the process for color-standards certifications, such as GRACoL and FOGRA, ensure accurate color matching on a variety of substrates, and provide color consistency across presses and sites over time.

The HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press also features the new Optimizer, an on-press production-management tool that helps operators manage the print queue, prioritize print jobs, and plan substrate usage. The Optimizer enables continuous printing and proofing in parallel without the need to break between jobs, improving customers’ productivity by up to 50 percent per shift, according to HP.

HP Latex 3500 Printer

Making its U.S. debut, HP is also demonstrating at Graph Expo 2015 the 126-inch HP Latex 3500 Printer, which handles high-volume, dedicated application production, and enables more unattended operation, with heavy-duty roll handling up to 660 lbs. and 10-liter ink supplies. HP is also demonstrating the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer, a large-format color printer.

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