German Magazine Alleges Xerox is Region-Coding Toner Cartridges

New Xerox Toner-Cartridge Collection Program Makes It Easier For Customers To Recycle

German news outlet c’magazin alleges that Xerox is region-coding its toner cartridges, locking the printer or MFP into using only the first type of toner cartridge installed.

The article goes on to state that this means, for instance, that if the customer uses a North America toner cartridge, they can’t then use less-expensive DMO (Eastern Europe) Xerox toner cartridges anymore. When c’magazin contacted Xerox, a Xerox spokesperson said this was done to serve the customer better.

In the c’magazin article, reporter Georg Schnurer tells the story of “Mattias P.,”who purchased a Xerox WorkCentre 6505DN for his small business, but discovered that the WorkCentre 6505DN wouldn’t accept Xerox toner cartridges that could be purchased for less in other countries. According to the account, the WorkCentre 6505DN “locked in” on whatever region it detected the first time a toner cartridge was installed, and toner cartridges from other regions couldn’t be used.

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