Konica Minolta Enhances Mobile-Print and Management with ‘EveryonePrint’, Mobile Management Services

everyoneprintKonica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. today introduced a new mobile-printing services, EveryonePrint, designed for secure mobile printing, and new mobile-management services from its All Covered division, designed for securing and controlling mobile-device access to corporate networks.


Now available for Konica Minolta printers and printers in the U.S. market, EveryonePrint is a mobile-print solution developed by Next Print Solutions, a specialist in developing software and Web services since 2003.

Everyone Print is a secure printing solution allows users to print from laptops, notebooks, PCs, smartphones, and tablets to any printer on a business’s network.  It can be installed as an on-premise or private cloud solution, and there’s no need for a mobile device to be added to a domain or to download print drivers. Benefits include:

  • User authentication via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), or Microsoft Active Directory, to ensure that only authorized users can print.
  • End-to-end encryption of print jobs.
  • Secure release of print jobs (users must authenticate themselves at the printer or MFP control panel in order to release the job for printing).
  • Customization for IT administration via a simple user interface.
  • Integration with any printing infrastructure, from printers and mobile devices, to third-party print-accounting solutions.

EveryonePrint is available in four versions:

  • Standalone – A per printer license that provides printing from an unlimited number of mobile devices to a single printer.
  • Connect – Available as a per-server license. It offers the same functionality as the Standalone version, plus the ability to integrate with a variety of print-accounting solutions such as Equitrac, and is suitable for small to mid-size educational institutions and customers with simple networks.
  • Professional – Also available as a per-server license with the same general functionality as Connect, but includes Wide Area printing, which allows users to use AirPrint across complex networks. The Professional version is bundled with a Microsoft Office conversion engine for printing MS Office documents without the need to install Office on the EveryonePrint server. This version is recommended for a wide variety of customers, including small- to mid-size businesses and corporate enterprise environments, as well as government, education, healthcare, and financial vertical markets.
  • Enterprise – Available as a site license with an unlimited amount of server and printer licenses. This version offers the same functionality as the Professional version and is recommended for all large enterprise and/or global accounts.

All versions provide users with five ways to print:

  • Web – Users can upload documents via a Web portal for printing.
  • Email – Users email documents to a printer or MFP from any email-enabled device.
  • Google Cloud – Users can print using the native printing capabilities of an Android mobile device.
  • AirPrint – Users can print using the native printing capabilities of an Apple iOS mobile device.
  • Print Driver – Users print directly from programs and applications installed on laptops and notebooks to any printer available in EveryonePrint. This is done via a generic print driver.

All Covered’s Mobile Management Services Protect Organizations from Mobile-Device Users

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the workplace – some owned by users and some by organizations – one critical thing organizations must do is make sure only authorized users can access corporate networks and data, while at the same time accommodating these mobile users. Konica Minolta says the latest solution from its All Covered does just that with its Mobile Management Services that enable organizations to control mobile printing to their networked printers and MFPs – while also enabling organizations to monitor these mobile devices connecting to their systems and accessing corporate data, regardless of whether mobile devices are company or employee owned. According to All Covered, these services automatically enforce the separation of business data and personal data, while keeping both equally accessible for employees and other users.

All Covered’s mobile-solution services provide organizations with access control, monitoring, application-management, and data protection. These features can be automatically enforced, making sure a company, its customers and its staff are protected from security breaches and other risks while helping organizations to comply with industry regulations.

According to All Covered, its Mobile Management Services enable organizations to:

  • Enable secure access to corporate resources.
  • Control enrollment of new mobile devices to protect data stored on mobile platforms.
  • Manage corporate- and employee-owned devices for flexibility and security.
  • Gain insight into mobile device-usage to protect from threats.

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