Konica Minolta: Beware Suspicious eMail Messages Sent from Konica Minolta MFPs

malwareKonica Minolta Business Solutions of Tokyo, Japan,  is warning customers to beware of certain email messages that appear to come from their Konica Minolta MFP via the MFP’s scan-to-email function.

The email subject line in these messages is said to contain the following: [Message from KMBT_{customer’s MFP model_name}]. The suspicious email also contains attachment files, whose format is not supported by Koncia Minolta MFPs.

The firm, which was informed of the emails via several customers advises customers who receive such unexpected email messages to delete the message and not to open any attached files.

It also recommends that customers using their Konica Minolta MFP’s scan-to-email function to consult with their MFP administrator and take countermeasures so that suspicious emails can be easily distinguished, such as changing the default settings of the email subject sent by the MFP.

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