HP Previews New PageWide XL Wide-Format Color Inkjet Production Printers

hp pagewide xl 8000April 14, 2015 –  Hewlett-Packard has upped the ante in the wide-format printing market with its new portfolio of HP PageWide XL Printers, which it says provide the fastest large-format production printing available in both color and black-and-white modes. According to HP, with a maximum linear speed of 23 meters/minute (75 feet/minute), the PageWide XL 8000 Printer is 60 percent faster than the KIP 9900 printer which, at 14 meters/minute (47 ft/minute), is the fastest rated LED printer as of March 2015.

HP also says tha according to its internal testing, the printers provide black-and-white and color printing at print speeds up to 60 percent faster than the fastest monochrome light-emitting diode (LED) printer.

The new printers are designed for use by reprographic houses, print-service providers (PSPs), enterprise central reprographic departments (CRDs), and print corners to produce computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, and for applications such as geographic information system (GIS) maps, point-of-sale applications, and posters.

HP’s PageWide XL Printers are the first products introduced under the new HP PageWide sub-brand. Based on HP PageWide Technology, which currently powers HP Inkjet Web Presses and HP business color-inkjet printers, and which will be scaled for use in HP’s upcoming 3D printers, the 3D Multi Jet Fusion printers, HP says the new portfolio delivers on its announcement made last year, providing low operation costs driven by life-long print heads, high ink efficiency, and cloud-based support. (With HP PageWide technology, PageWide inkjet printer use a single or multiple, stacked print heads, and pages are printed in one pass.)

HP's PageWide Lineup

HP’s PageWide color inkjet product family, which leverages page-wide inkjet print heads.

 The HP PageWide XL Printer portfolio includes:

  • The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer, which provides high-end production printing at up to 30 D/A1-size ppm, as well as two 775 milliliter ink cartridges per color, with automatic cartridge switching, and up to six media rolls – more than 3,900 feet (1,200 meters) – of media. The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer incorporates a stationary 40-inch (101.6-cm) print-bar that spans the entire printing width and that incorporates eight stacked HP 841 PageWide XL print heads. As paper moves under the print bar, the entire page is printed in one pass, enabling fast print speeds.
  • The HP PageWide XL 5000 Printer and Multi-function Printer (MFP) are designed to provide small- to mid-size size reprographic houses and enterprise CRDs with mid-volume technical-document printing at up to 14 D/A1-size ppm, as well as two 400 milliliter ink cartridges per color with automatic switching, and up to four rolls of media.
  • The HP PageWide XL 4500 Printer and MFP enable cost- and security-conscious technical work teams, including architects and engineers, to securely print ar up to 12 D/A1-size ppm in in-house print corners.
  • The HP PageWide XL 4000 Printer and MFP are designed to enable technical work teams and copy shops to produce 8 D/A1-size ppm.

Consolidates Color and Black-and-White Printing in One Printer

HP notes that the production-printing market has traditionally been led by monochrome-only LED printers, requiring customers to also acquire and operate large-format inkjet color printers for printing color print jobs. It says the new printers consolidate workflow to deliver mixed black-and-white and color prints in half the time it would take to manually collate documents produced on multiple printers. The printers may also be equipped with scanning and document-finishing solutions, including the HP Designjet HD and SD Pro Scanners, and new HP PageWide XL Printer accessories, such as the HP PageWide XL online folder, top stacker and high-capacity stacker.

Also available is HP SmartStream software for HP PageWide XL Printers, which HP says reduces time spent preparing and processing jobs by 50 percent. It also reduces reprints with native PDF management powered by Adobe PDF Print Engine 3, and offers a true color print preview with interactive HP Crystal Preview technology.

New Large-Format Printer Ink Cartridges

According to HP, its PageWide XL Pigment Inks increase print quality with crisp lines, fine detail and smooth grayscales that are superior to prints produced by LED-based printers. It says HP PageWide XL Pigment Inks also provide dark blacks, vivid colors, and provide moisture and fade resistance even on uncoated bond paper at high print speeds.

There’s also new HP large-format printing materials up to 40 inches (1 meter), which meet ISO/U.S. technical and offset standard page sizes, and provide quick-dry, smear-resistant prints. New media to accompany the HP PageWide XL Printer portfolio includes HP Universal Bond Paper for technical applications, HP Production Matte Polypropylene to produce roll-up banners, and HP Production Matte, Gloss, and Satin Poster Papers for point-of-sale applications and poster production.

The HP PageWide XL 8000 series Printers will be available beginning in September 2015. Other devices in the HP PageWide XL portfolio will be made incrementally available between November 2015 and January 2016 in select countries worldwide.

For more information and complete specifications on the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer, visit HP here. An HP presentation for the new large-format printers is available at YouTube here.

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