Print Audit’s PrintMore Automatically Generates Print Jobs from Mobile Devices

FUJITSU COMPUTER PRODUCTS OF AMERICA, INC. SCANSNAP IX500April 1, 2015 – From the folks at Print Audit: “Print Audit, the company that helps office equipment dealers grow their businesses, announced today that it has launched PrintMore, an application designed to increase mobile printing.

PrintMore is an exciting innovation,” stated West McDonald, vice president of business development at Print Audit.  “When a user views anything on their mobile device or tablet, it will automatically generate print jobs without any intervention. This will be a boon for MPS providers.”

The PrintMore application was developed after listening to office-equipment dealers and their desire to win more pages. With Millennials entering the workforce and the increased use of tablets and other mobile devices, printing has seen a slow but steady decline per user.  PrintMore has been designed to help people to print more, whether they choose to or not.

Special features include:

  • Forcing simplex print jobs even if duplex is requested.
  • Full color page printing for all documents, even monochrome.
  • Ability to have job print from every print enabled device at once.

PrintMore will become the gold standard for driving new MPS revenues.  Most customers don’t realize what they are printing today, or what it’s costing, so this innovation should go unnoticed by those doing the printing for years to come.

For more information on how you can get started with PrintMore, contact Print Audit at

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