Canon India Focusing on Laser Printers as Compact-Camera Sales Decline

Canon Powershot CMOS Digital CameraApril 1, 2015 – The Hindu Business Online reports that as Canon’s compact-camera sales are declining, the company is instead focusing on laser printers. Canon India is reportedly bringing in more laser-based MFPs, moving away from compact cameras, with a “back up” in the form of high-end printers and MFP/copiers.

Canon India recently introduced a series of new laser MFPs targeting enterprise, BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), government, and small and mid-sized businesses.

A Canon India spokesperson commented, “Today the camera division contributes about 50 percent of our sales turnover, but we see this changing as printers …are recording high growth between 8-10 percent. Canon is also seeking to gain revenues from servicing and maintenance of the high-end printers through a new division, which caters to enterprises.”

In January 2015, Canon Inc. reported results for its fiscal-year 2014, noting that total demand for its office MFPs and laser printers maintained steady growth, with sales of MFPs increasing steadily from the year-ago period, but total sales of compact digital cameras declined.

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