Ricoh’s mindSHIFT Launches Cloud Servers in Amazon’s Web Services Market

Ricoh mindSHIFT LogoMarch 18, 2015 – Ricoh Americas reports that mindSHIFT Technologies has launched mindSHIFT Managed Servers in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) market. mindSHIFT is an IT outsourcing and cloud-services provider, serving small and mid-size businesses that Ricoh acquired in January 2014 (see story here).cloud printing

Ricoh says this latest addition to the mindSHIFT public-cloud portfolio will enable customers to move servers to a secure cloud environment under one umbrella, simplifying IT management. The mindSHIFT Managed Servers in AWS offering is available today.

To acquire and work with mindSHIFT cloud servers, Ricoh notes that companies considering an AWS migration can consult with mindSHIFT to assess how best to migrate given their security, performance, reliability, and cost requirements. For existing AWS customers who require support in managing their servers, mindSHIFT will provide management and security above the hypervisor.

For more information on mindSHIFT Managed Servers in AWS, visit Mindshift here.

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