This Week in Imaging: The Case for Inkjet-Production Print, and New Offerings from Canon, Xerox, Kodak

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We’ve long extolled the value of ink-on-paper and proposed that some “old school” production-print shops may be willing to transition to ink-on-paper technology and skip right over toner-based imaging due to all of its inherent weaknesses in terms of hardware cost, energy consumption, image permanence, and the nuances of image quality. On the other hand, we’ve had to bite our tongue as a whole inkjet-media catalog had to be created and shared in order to support this transformation, especially from toner- to ink-based printing. However, judging by the news this week, it appears that our predictions are finally bearing fruit, as three major vendors announced new production-printing systems based on ink-based imaging: 1) Canon officially launches “Niagra.” which it touts as “first of its kind”; 2) long-time toner-based production-printer manufacturer Xerox has co-developed an inkjet production printer with Impika, which it acquired last year; and 3) Kodak marks its turnaround with the announcement of its new PROSPER roll-based inkjet production printer.

Aside from tradition-bound offset-printing shops that may skip over toner-based printing altogether, we predict a steady transformation from toner- to ink-based production printing much like when the printing industry reluctantly gave up most of its offset presses and begrudgingly went toner-based, largely due to the cost benefits of significantly less preparation time. Inkjet also offers that singular advantage, but adds additional benefits such as an inherent roll-friendly design, significantly lower energy consumption, lower hardware costs, simpler design that requires far less consumables, superior reliability, and lower maintenance costs as a result of this simplicity and reliability. It’s also apparent that the production-printing industry is less fearful of the “what about the media” naysayers, and is poised to develop and adapt an inkjet-media catalog on its own. We recognize that this will require a concerted effort due to the plethora of ink formulas available, but ask you to keep in mind that this was even more difficult to accomplish during the transition from offset to toner-based printing many moons ago.

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