New Océ ColorWave 500 MFP for CAD and GIS, Océ 700 Printer for Color Graphics

Océ ColorWave 700

Océ ColorWave 700

February 17, 2015 – Canon U.S.A. is launching two new large-format systems, the Océ ColorWave 500 large-format system that’s based on Océ CrystalPoint technology, and which serves as a color and black-and-white printer, copier, and scanner. It’s also launching the Océ ColorWave 700 large-format printer, which is geared for color-graphics printing.

Océ ColorWave 500

The Océ ColorWave 500 is designed for both small workgroups looking for a cost-effective walk-up system, as well as for central operations for generating CAD, GIS, and color-graphics applications, and can produce up to 225 A1/D-size black-and-white or color prints-per hour. The system features secure cloud connectivity and a Microsoft Windows 8 embedded controller. Up to four online media rolls are available to accommodate large print volumes and sets, multiple document sizes, and different media types without interruption.

The included Océ ClearConnect software suite provides several ways to submit files to the printer. Users can print from their PC desktop via Océ Publisher Select and Océ Direct Print software to manage complex document sets., or they can print via mobile device or directly from a secure cloud connection. Canon says the Océ ClearConnect interface works like a tablet, and features a simple layout, intuitive operation, and detailed document preview functions to help users get their prints faster, with fewer errors.

Other features include Automatic Print Assistant, which automatically selects the print mode, image position, and best-fit media roll to save time. Prints can be organized in a Personal Smart Inbox so users can quickly select what’s needed at the system. A built-in loading station helps makes changing media rolls easier, and, when paper is fed into the system, the paper width is automatically detected to reduce errors.

The Océ-patented Océ CrystalPoint technology is said to provide water-fast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details and smooth, even area fills. Prints feature a silk-shine look and feel, independent of the type of media used.

Océ ColorWave 700

The Océ ColorWave 700 large-format printer is designed for graphic-arts applications, and is said to be ideal for reprographers and in-plant shops that want to offer new large-format printing services, including printing of posters, pop-up banners, wallpaper, and more, and can also be used to print CAD and GIS documents. Canon says it can also be used by print-service providers and retailers who wish to produce short-run point-of-sale color output more economically with no set-up time or complex finishing burden.

According to Marco Boer at IT Strategies, Inc., a digital-printer market research and consultancy, “The ColorWave 700’s paper path enables it to print on a broad range of heavier, inexpensive (since no pre-treatment is required) substrates as well as vinyl and canvas. This capability extends the ColorWave technology’s application reach into short-term use point-of-purchase signage, leveraging the ColorWave’s vibrant color output.”

The Océ ColorWave 700 features Océ MediaSense technology, which provides the ability to print on thicker media (up to 32mil) and enabling production of color posters, pop-up banners, disposable point-of-sale, wallpaper, canvas, and many other applications. The system can print up to 640 posters or 1,800 A1/D-size CAD drawings per working day, and can print on low-cost un-coated media or high-end specialty media. Six different rolls of media can be loaded simultaneously so that the printer can handle many different jobs uninterrupted, without operators having to load and unload rolls in-between. With the optional Take-Up Module, users can also choose between roll-to-finished sheet, or roll-to-roll printing.

There ColorWave 700, which also uses Océ CrystalPoint technology for water-fastness and enhanced image quality, features the Océ ClearConnect multi-touch user panel, which works like a tablet. Users can print from the PC desktop via Océ Publisher Select software in order to manage complex document sets. Canon also says the embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) helps create a predictable end-to-end Adobe workflow, with all elements – create, manage, print – sharing the same common core technologies. Optional ONYX Thrive software provides pre-flighting and advanced color-management tools.

Canon also says no daily maintenance is required, and the printer can run unattended with no need to check jobs. Prints come out as sheets ready to finish or ship, with no trimming, drying or curing time required. and the printer can print mixed sets in one run, without having to trim or manually collate sets.

The new Océ ColorWave 500 and Océ ColorWave 700 will be available in March 2015.

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