New HP Inkjet Nozzle Architecture Said to Double Production-Printers’ Print Resolution


IHPS_Gen2_5_Main_Image_500x280_tcm245_1895807_tcm245_1895823_tcm245-1895807February 6, 2015 – Hewlett-Packard has announced its new High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology  for HP Inkjet Web Presses for production and commercial printing, stating that the technology doubles the native print resolution of current HP inkjet print heads from 10,560 to 21,120 nozzles. This enables HP printers to deliver 2,400 nozzles per inch (per color on a single color print head in quality mode), and supports dual-drop weight per color for sharper text, fine lines, more accurate skin tones, smoother gray and color transitions, and enhanced highlight and shadow detail.

HP will also provide a new quality mode for printing at up to 400 feet (122 meters) per minute in color with dual-drop weight for a step-function improvement in print quality (based on a 42″ wide HP High-speed Inkjet Web Press configuration). With the High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology, the maximum print speed enabled will be up to 800 feet (244 meters) per minute.

“High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology enables our HP Inkjet Web Press customers to address a broader range of applications from general commercial printing to production mail, to publishing by resetting the bar for inkjet quality and performance,” commented Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager for HP’s Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions.

High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology will be incorporated into all HP Inkjet Web Press platforms, including the HP T200, T300 and T400 Inkjet Web Press families and those sold through resellers. Current customers can upgrade to the new technology. According to HP, HP T200, T300 and T400 series Inkjet Web Press customers have printed more than 90 billion A4 equivalent pages since 2009.

Service Advancements

Building on its commitment to customer service and support, HP also introduced a cloud-based inventory management system that helps HP Inkjet Web Press customers improve uptime and productivity. The new HP Smart Uptime Kit for HP Inkjet Web Presses enables customers to manage parts, track usage and extract reports to enhance productivity and access data and parts more quickly and securely.

The HP Smart Uptime Kit is a component of the HP Service Advantage portfolio announced at Graph Expo, which includes HP Predictive Press Care and HP Visual Remote Guidance.

More information about HP Inkjet Web Presses is available at Product videos and updates are available on Twitter at and on YouTube at


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