Fuji Xerox’s Color 1000i Production Printer First to Feature Gold and Silver Toners

Fuji Xerox Color Press 1000i.

February 5, 2015 – Fuji Xerox of Japan reports that it’s developed metallic gold and silver toners that can be used by its new production color printer, the Color 1000i Press, which is designed for the high-end professional printing market. Sales of the Color 1000i Press begin February 6, 2015 in Japan, and then later in Asia-Pacific regions including China.

Fuji Xerox says it developed its new gold and silver toners by applying its Emulsion Aggregation (EA) technology. Gold and silver EA toner consists of ellipsoid-shaped particles with the flat reflective pigments completely covered by toner particles. The firm says that orienting the reflective pigment particles parallel to the print media allows the reflective pigments to reflect light after the image is fused onto the media, thereby achieving a metallic appearance. The reflective pigments don’t allow light to pass through, thereby enabling metallic printing on various types of media. The end result is that metallic printing that’s only been available with offset printing, but can now be achieved with a digital production printer. In contrast, other digital production printers typically can only print using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) colors.

Print applications for the new gold and silver toners include catalogs, direct-mails flyers, postcards, and business cards.

Fuji Xerox rates the Color 1000i at 100 ppm (single-sided, A4-size media), and the system can print on media as thick as 350g/m2. The system is also equipped with “Full Width Array,” which the firm says automates printing adjustments, such as color calibration, and front and back alignment. It uses Fuji Xerox’s PX 1000 Printer Server 3, which enables digital data to be processed at higher speeds compared to the previous PX 1000 Print Server 2.

Retail List Pricing

Product name Suggested retail price (excluding tax)
Color 1000i Press 35,000,000 yen
PX1000 Print Server 3 10,000,000 yen

Note that above pricing doesn’t include the optional document feeder and output systems, or options required for printing with gold, silver, and clear toners.

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