HP CEO Meg Whitman Receives 11 Percent Raise

Meg_Whitman_cropFebruary 3, 2015 – Bloomberg News reports that Hewlett-Packard raised total compensation for Chairman and CEO Meg Whitman by 11 percent, with Whitman, receiving a total pay package of $19.6 million for fiscal 2014, compared with $17.6 million a year earlier, according to an HP regulatory filing.

Bloomberg News notes that although HP sales have fallen for 12 out of the past 13 quarters, the company’s adjusted earnings per share have risen for the last four quarters, and HP’s PC business has returned to growth.

HP outlined its plans to split the company in October 2014, with the PC and printer business soon to become HP Inc., while HP Enterprise will market hardware and services for large corporate customers. Whitman will serve as president and CEO of HP Enterprise, while Dion Weisler will be president and CEO of HP Inc.

Whitman took over as HP CEO in September 2011, and had an initial annual salary of $1. In its regulatory filing, HP states Whitman’s salary was raised to $1.5 million in 2014, as HP’s turnaround progressed.

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