Xerox to Mass-Produce Thinfilm Memory Labels at Webster, N.Y., Facility

Thin-Film-Electronics-ASA-Printed-Memory-LabelsJanuary 23, 2015 – Norway-based Thin Film Electronics, a developer and marketer of printed electronics and smart systems, reports that it’s formed a partnership with Xerox under which Xerox is licensing Thinfilm’s proprietary technology to manufacture Thinfilm Memory labels. Thinfilm Memory labels are the only printed, rewritable-memory commercially available today.  Xerox will develop a marketing strategy targeted at key customers.

Thinfilm Memory are small plastic labels as thin as a human hair, are said to cost only a few cents each, and store digital data. Thin Film says they’re a cost-effective alternative to near field communication (NFC) and radio-frequency identification (RFID). The labels use a read/write memory solution for interactive consumable refills and other plug-and-play product offerings, providing an electronic “handshake” between base units and refills, while making consumables interactive and enabling usage tracking.

Uses for Thinfilm memory labels include anti-product counterfeiting, programming of toys, and tracking of product consumables – from toner in a printer, to soap in a dispenser.

Thinfilm Passive Memory uses a ferroelectric polymer to provide non-volatile, fully rewritable data on the label. The standard 20-bit memory can store over a million combinations, and is available for high-volume applications.

“The demand for low-cost, non-conventional electronic solutions is real and it’s growing,” commented Steve Simpson, vice president of non-Xerox Supplies Business. “By partnering with Thinfilm, we are leveraging our deep manufacturing expertise and ability to scale globally in order to participate in exciting new markets adjacent to our core business”.

Peter Fischer, chief product officer for Thinfilm, will lead the technology transfer. To produce the memory labels, Xerox will modify a production line in one of its existing facilities in Webster New York.

For more information on Thinfilm Memory labels, visit Thin Film here.

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