Exploring Inkjet and 3D-Printing Opportunities at the Ink Jet Printing World Conference 2015

Orlando hotel

January 14, 2015 – Inkjet and 3D-printing professionals are invited to explore inkjet and 3D-printing opportunities – from office-document printing, to large-format graphics printing, product decoration, 3D printing, and more – at the IMI’s Ink Jet Printing World 2015 conference being held February 3-6, 2015  at the Florida Hotel  and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida.

The conference’s schedule is as follows:

Ink Jet Printing 2015 Conference: February 4-6.

Ink Jet Academy: February 4-6.

High Speed Ink Jet System Design and Process Development Course: February 3-4.

Key topics to be covered at the conference include:

  • SiMEMs technology is enabling new application spaces.
  • Enhanced performance and lower-cost piezo inkjet print heads are opening up new opportunities.
  • What role will nanography play?
  • How will inkjet compete directly with offset and lithography printing?
  • New dispersion technologies are key to application advancements and success.
  • Analysis tools are essential to understanding process and achieving results.
  • Why the time may be right for textile printing and how to Implement.
  • What’s required for successful 3D printing, digital manufacturing, and other applications?

Complimentary display space is available for all registrants, as is a five-minute Suppliers Forum presentation to inform attendees of your company’s technology, products, and services,

For complete program details and registration, visit the IMI Web site here.

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