HP: Intel’s I7 Chip to Power HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

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HP’s Dion Weisler introducing HP’s first 3D printer, the Multi Jet Fusion last fall.

January 7, 2014 – At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) currently being held in Las Vegas, Hewlett-Packard showcased its Multi Jet Fusion, its first 3D printer, and first previewed in October 2014. HP also provided more details on the Multi Jet Fusion, revealing that Intel Corporation’s Core i7 chip will be used to power the 3D printer, stating that Intel’s architecture is a revolutionary technology “engineered to resolve critical gaps in the combination of speed, quality, and cost, and deliver on the potential of 3D printing.”

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion uses HP’s thermal-inkjet printing technology, and is said to deliver faster print speeds, as well as stronger and more accurate 3D objects.

Dion Weisler, executive vice president for HP’s Printing & Personal Systems (PPS), joined Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on stage at CES to share the two companies’ vision on how their collaboration is focused on transforming 3D printing.

“HP Multi Jet Fusion is uniquely designed to resolve fundamental limitations in today’s 3D printing technologies with the potential to revolutionize manufacturing,” commented Weisler. “In order for 3D printing to reach its full potential, we not only need the most powerful processors, but a technology partner with a shared vision for the industry.”

HP will integrate Intel Core i7 processors into HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, and the 3D printer will be tested by HP customers as part of HP’s Open Customer Collaboration Program throughout 2015. Wider distribution of the HP 3D Print system will begin in 2016.

“Our companies share a long history of innovation and a vision to deliver innovative 3D computing experiences that transform the way people interact with and use technology for work and play,” said Intel’s Krzanich. “The combination of Intel architecture with HP’s Multi jet Fusion technology will help to accelerate not only the speed of 3D printing but the availability of the technology to consumers and enterprises alike.”

Intel Core i7 Processors power other facets of HP’s Blended Reality ecosystem, including Sprout by HP, an immersive computing platform that combines multiple devices – a scanner, high-resolution camera, Intel RealSense 3D Camera, and projector — into a single device, allowing users to take physical items and seamlessly merge them into a digital workspace.

For more information about HP Multi Jet Fusion visit HP here.

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