Lexmark Enhances ‘Smart MFP Ecosystem’ with Server-Less Routing and Secure Printing, AirPrint Certification

smart ecosystemNovember 19, 2014 – Lexmark International is announcing new enhancements to its smart MFPs that are designed for converting hardcopy workflows into digital ones, making mobile printing easier, and reducing security risks. The firm says all of these solutions are part of its  “Smart MFP Ecosystem,” which consists of a set of capabilities enabled by every Lexmark smart MFP. Among these capabilities are those that enable users to scan and capture hardcopy documents, and route them directly into electronic storage, workflows, or other applications to make business processes faster and more efficient..

The new enhancements include new solutions and apps that don’t have to be run on a server, but can instead be run on the Lexmark smart MFP, reducing or eliminating the need for servers, which in turn minimizes hardware costs, IT administration costs, and energy consumption:

  • The server-less Lexmark AccuRead Automate (released in October 2014) runs entirely on a Lexmark smart MFP, automating back-office processes by helping users capture, automatically classify, and route information. AccuRead Automate  extracts key information for file naming and indexing.
  • The Lexmark Serverless Print Release solution enables users to print securely with Lexmark smart MFPs from anywhere within the organization. With secure print release, the user first sends the print job. The print job is held in a print queue and not printed. The job is only printed, when at the control panel of the smart Lexmark MFP of their choice, the user authenticates themselves, locates their print job, and then releases it for printing.

Also new is  AirPrint certification for Lexmark Print Management – with Lexmark noting that this is the first print-management software solution to become AirPrint certified. With AirPrint certification, users can print directly from their print-release queue using the native print features of Apple iOS.  A new solution for printing via direct mobile connectivity is now also available for Android users. Lexmark mobile-printing solutions are also available for Microsoft Windows, and BlackBerry.

Depending on the customers’ needs, these solutions can be implemented in the cloud, on a server, or through “server-less” apps embedded in the smart Lexmark MFP.

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