Prynt Previews $99 Smartphone Case that Prints


French startup company Prynt, is previewing a smartphone case with built-in printing. The printer uses Polaroid printing technology and Bluetooth connectivity, and can print photos in about 50 seconds. Currently, only one sheet of paper can fit in the case, but Prynt will soon increase this to 30 sheets. It’s also currently designed for 4″ screen smartphones, but Prynt says it will make cases for larger smartphones in the future. Future cases will also be able to print  as fast as under 30 seconds.

To use the printer, the user plugs the case into their smartphone, takes a photo with your smartphone, and then prints. There’s also a Prynt app, which will record a video of the moment before and after the user takes the photograph. The app will virtually turn your photo into a video that can be viewed.

Prynt will begin shipping the printer case at the beginning of 2015, and it’s expected to be priced at $99.

For more information, visit Prynt here.

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