Top News for the Week of 10/27/2014 – HP Finally Goes 3D; 9-Color Epson Printer; Vendor Financials; More

muddy trip 2

Muddy Trip; Photo credit: Kathy Wirth

The big story this week was Hewlett-Packard’s unveiling of its first HP-developed 3D printer, which uses what HP calls Micro Fusion Technology – which, you guessed it, borrows from HP’s inkjet-printing technology. We hope you read our story, which takes a look at how it works, why it’s different from other additive 3D printers, and where HP would like to take 3D printing. And speaking of where HP would like to take 3D printing, we found an interesting tidbit in an HP white paper on Micro Fusion Technology stating that the company is working on using not just ceramics and metal materials with the printer to create objects, but also with bio-compatible materials – which reminds me of this image below I came upon several years ago. No, it’s not real, but who knows about the future?

Looking back over the last year, there were two vendors that consistently stood out with innovative new products and programs: Oki Data, and Epson, both of which made news this week.

Once again, OKI Data Americas again quietly stepped it up, this time announcing a new five-year warranty for select OKI MFPs, with other OKI MFPs to be included down the line. A five-year warranty will sure be a nice selling point, and something that’ll certainly catch the eye of many potential customers.

While everybody is queuing up to order barrels of ink for their new Epson refillable ink-tank printers, Espon also introduces a nine-color photo printer that’s sure to be on the wish list of nearly any photo enthusiast or photo studio. If you’re reading Epson, we’ll be happy to test one, just send us a test unit.

Photo credit: Kathy Wirth

In the United States, this weekend may be your last chance to go out to the countryside and take in the fall colors. Go ahead – charge up your digicam, hit the road, and takes lots of pictures of the fall scenery with its pretty leaves. Then, go home, print every single one of them (plus a set for the folks), and take a hit for our industry.

Feature Story

  • HP Delivers its First 3D Printer, Said to be Faster and Offering More Object Strength and Detail –  – Read more here.

New Products and Solutions

  • New Server-Less Lexmark AccuRead Provides Automatic Routing, Data Extraction, Notifications for Scanned Documents – Read more here.
  • Print Audit Launches Remote 3D-Printing Management Solution  – Read more here.
  • New Nine-Color Epson SureColor P600 for Advanced Photo Printing  – Read more here.
  • Hammermill Trots Out Free Mobile Print App for Mobile Apple iOS and Google Android UsersNine-Color Epson SureColor P600 for Advanced Photo Printing  – Read more here.

Financial News

  • Sales Down, Income Flat for Canon’s Third Quarter; Demand for Office MFPs is Steady  – Read more here.
  • Ricoh Reports Robust Income, Steady Sales Gains for First Half of its Fiscal Year  – Read more here.

Other News

  • Gartner: Worldwide 3D-Printer Shipments to Reach More than 217,000 Next Year  – Read more here.
  • With New OKI Warranty Program, Customers Get Free Five-Year Warranty for Select Multifunctionals  – Read more here.
  • Laser and Inkjet Printer and All-in-One Sales up Three Percent in Western Europe  – Read more here.

Legal Briefs

  • LD Products Settles with Canon, Agrees Not to Sell Disputed Toner Cartridges in U.S.  – Read more here.

 The Third Dimension

$800 Da Vinci 1.0 3D ‘All-in-One’ from Taiwan

Welcome to 4D Printing

French Designers Hack a 3D Printer into Tattoo Printer


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