New Kyocera CentraQ Solutions Provide Secure Print-Release, Device Monitoring, and User Controls

Kyocera peopleKyocera Document Solutions America is introducing two new solutions for Kyocera MFPs and printers, CentraQ Pro and CentraQ, which provide secure print-job release and monitoring across networked Kyocera MFPs and Printers

The new applications, which were developed by Kyocera, provide a a variety of print-job release features. CentraQ Pro adds additional monitoring and reporting capabilities that administrators can use to track print, copy, scan. and fax usage by individual, device, or job code, making it ideal for cost recovery.

Both apps protect sensitive information with a Secure Job Release feature that requires the user to authenticate themselves at the Kyocera MFP or printer before the job can be released for printing, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to documents. The apps also minimize “bottlenecks” by freeing users to output files from any networked, CentraQ-enabled Kyocera device.

“There are two key advantages to these powerful business apps,” commented Danielle Wolowitz, senior director, product planning and product marketing for Kyocera Document Solutions America. “CentraQ empowers users by letting them print and release their documents with confidence. CentraQ Pro provides administrators with valuable device data to help them optimize their printing environment, which includes cutting waste and costs.”

Other CentraQ and CentraQ Pro features include:

  • Integration with HID card readers and smart phones with QR code readers for secure print-job release.
  • With CentralQ Pro, administrators can restrict use of costly features such as color printing.
  • With CentralQ Pro, administrators can track employee usage, device usage, and job ID codes with simplified reporting capabilities.

Single device license MSRP is $362 for CentraQ Pro and $277 for CentraQ. CentraQ Pro and CentraQ are available through authorized Kyocera dealers. To find a dealer, visit Kyocera’s dealer locator here.

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