Konica Minolta Acquiring Italian Inkjet Textile Printer Sales Company, Verga

vergaKonica Minolta of Tokyo reports that it’s acquiring Verga IT S.r.l., an Italian inkjet textile-printer sales company. Through the acquisition, Konica Minolta has established Konica Minolta IJ Textile Europe S.r.l., headquartered in Bregnano, Como, Italy. This is Konica Minolta’s first overseas sales subsidiary for its industrial inkjet-printer business. The firm says the new company is designed to enhance its sales and services organization in the inkjet textile-printer markets in Europe.

The Nassenger PRO1000 Inkjet Textile Printer

The Nassenger PRO1000 Inkjet Textile Printer

Konica Minolta notes that the worldwide textile printing market has been rapidly transitioning to digital printing, and that digital inkjet technology, it says, has better responded to the apparel industry’s market requirements. The current requirements include printing highly detailed and precise designs on textiles and fabrics, which it says was difficult to do with traditional analog printing. Other requirements include printing of small quantities of many different designs. Inkjet technology has met these challenges, says the firm. It also notes that inkjet textile printing also uses significantly less water than analog printing, so that more and more factories have become interested in adopting digital printing in order to be more eco-friendly..

According to Konica Minolta, while Europe accounts for the majority of the global digital textile printing market, most of the European digital textile printers are located in Italy. In the Italian Como region, long known as a cluster of high-grade apparel manufacturing, textile printers have noticed the advantages of inkjet technology at an early stage and started to install inkjet textile printers. Though their initial demands were for low-to-mid-speed printers primarily for sample production, Konica Minolta says the recent trend shows there is a greater demand for higher-speed printers suitable for mass production. Along with the increasing adoption of digital printing in Italy, Konica Minolta also says inkjet printing has come to the textile print market in Turkey, which is considered the manufacturing base for Europe. On top of that, in China, accounting for about 30 percent of the global textile print market, further growth has been expected for inkjet printing. With a broad range of its product line from low-to-mid-speed models, to high-speed mass production printers, Konica Minolta notes that it also launched an office for industrial inkjet business in Shanghai, China, in the summer of 2014 and has been “vigorously driving” its business initiatives in China.

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