New Line of EFI Fiery Servers for Latest Ricoh Color Production Printers

pro C7100

Ricoh’s new Pro C7100X production color printer.

Electronics for Imaging reports that it’s launching of a new line of Fiery digital print servers designed for driving two new families of Ricoh digital presses that were announced earlier this week.

Making their debut this week at the Graph Expo 14 trade show in Chicago, the EFI Fiery E-43A and E-83A DFEs drive the new Pro C7100X series of production color printers, and the Fiery E-43 and E-83 DFEs drive the new Pro C9100 series of production color systems. Both Fiery server pairs are powered by the new Fiery FS150 Pro server platform. Ricoh Pro series printers with the new Fiery DFEs also have just received Digital Press System Certification from IDEAlliance, providing customers with a tested and verified level of color, print imaging, and production capabilities.

“EFI and Ricoh collaborated in the development of these products to ensure seamless support for all of the new RICOH Pro C7100X features such as its white or clear toner fifth station. In addition, we added the Dynamic HD Text & Graphics feature, one of many that have helped to define Fiery DFEs as the market leader,” commented John Henze, vice president of marketing for EFI Fiery.

With the new Fiery E-43A and E-43 DFEs, EFI says production-printing environments can take advantage of a lower cost of entry while still reaping the benefits of a Fiery-powered workflow for exceptional color quality and operational efficiency. High-volume printing environments with higher-production capacity requirements can choose to use the Fiery E-83A and E-83 servers, which incorporate the Fiery HyperRIP technology. With HyperRIP, users can better address the growing market for variable-data personalization with a technology that delivers significantly more processing power.

EFI’s Dynamic HD Text & Graphics feature, which is standard for the Fiery E-83A and E-43A DFEs, is said to produce sharp fine details, small font size text, and ultra-thin lines, plus it reduces the jaggedness associated with half-toned, non-saturated objects on both black and color elements. The DFEs also feature specialty-color support for the high-gloss clear or white toner fifth color station on the Ricoh Pro C7100X series. Users can manage fifth-color toner options to add dimension and produce higher-value prints.

EFI says Fiery’s industry-leading capabilities include:

  • Consistent job management across all Fiery Driven printing devices using the latest version of EFI Fiery Command WorkStation, a job-management interface that lets users manage them locally or remotely from a single user interface.
  • Best-in-class color and imaging with Fiery Spot-On for spot color emulation, Image Enhance Visual Editor for automated image correction, and pre-press software Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition that comes standard with Fiery E-83A and E-83. Users can produce color-critical jobs with consistent color precision with the optional Fiery Color Profiler Suite.
  • Workflow Automation tools such as Fiery Hot Folders, Virtual Printers, and server presets that come standard with these new servers and increase operational efficiency by automating a variety of processes and creating custom workflows.
  • Integration with EFI MIS and other leading workflow offerings. Fiery JDF implementation connects EFI MIS solutions and Fiery-enabled solutions to enable job information to move through production systems faster and more efficiently. The services also integrate with solutions such as Ricoh TotalFlow as well as other popular pre-press workflows.

To meet demand for personalized printing, EFI says both the Fiery E-43A/E-83A and E-43/E-83 servers support all leading industry standards for variable data printing (VDP) and offer VDP capabilities starting with the integrated Fiery FreeForm, an entry-level VDP solution that doesn’t require specialized software applications.

Both EFI Fiery E-83A driving the RICOH Pro C7100X series and Fiery E-83 driving the RICOH Pro C9100 series are being presented in the Ricoh booth #1931, this week at Graph ExpoFor more information about Ricoh digital presses, visit For more information about Fiery Driven digital print production, pvisit

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