Federal Audit Reveals Texas Agency – not Xerox – Responsible for State’s Medicaid Problems


xerox square reports that a Texas state agency – and not Xerox – is responsible for Texas’ Medicaid’s dental-care-overbilling problems, according to an audit conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General:

“A federal audit released Monday laid responsibility for hundreds of millions of dollars potentially misspent on unnecessary dental and orthodontic procedures squarely on the Texas agency that oversaw the program.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission had officially blamed Xerox, the contractor it hired to pre-authorize the dental procedures. The agency in May canceled the contract and sued the company, operating under the name Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership, or TMHP. In the lawsuit, the state asserted that “Xerox permitted an unprecedented loss of Medicaid funds to predatory and unscrupulous dental providers.”

A Xerox spokesman said that Xerox’s pre-authorization team for approving the dental procedures was simply following instructions given by the state. “The entire program Xerox implemented was designed by HHSC (editor: Texas Health and Human Services Commission), and Xerox received HHSC approval on each of its processes while providing monthly reports to HHSC from the beginning of the program,” said Xerox spokesman Lightfoot.

Read the entire story here.


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