Authorities Seize 35,000 Counterfeit Printer Ink Cartridges in Saudi Arabia

Counterfeit HP Toner Cartridgesd-by-authorities1Arab News reports that Saudi Arabia authorities have seized some 35,000 counterfeit fake Canon and Hewlett-Packard printer cartridges.

According to Arab News, field inspectors for the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry confiscated more than 35,000 fake printer ink cartridges in Riyadh. The inspectors said the poor-quality ink cartridges were designed to be marketed as authentic and genuine Hewlett-Packard and Canon products. Those involved have been detained and the government has begun an investigation. About 4,000 empty ink cartridges were about to be refilled, and nearly 8,000 labels bearing the HP trademark were found.

At another site in the Atiqa district in Saudi Arabia, authorities seized more than 25,000 ink packs bearing the HP and Canon brand names. Authorities also found some 15,000 fake ink cartridges in the Shimaisi and Malaz districts.

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry released a statement stating that “it would not tolerate the violators and those involved in the practices of fraud that put the health and safety of consumers at risk.”

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