Canon Extends imagePROGRAF Large-Format Lineup with Six New Models


Canon imagePROGRAF iPF785.

Canon U.S.A. today introduced six new models in its imagePROGRAF lineup: four new five-color, large-format inkjet printers: the 36″ iPF785 and iPF780 models, 24″ iPF685 and iPF680 models, and two new large-format imaging systems, the iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40. Canon says these printers provide faster printing speeds and lower operation costs compared to their predecessors, as well as upgraded software for an enhanced user experience, particularly in mobile and cloud-based printing applications.

Designed for a variety of industries that print maps, technical drawings, renderings, site and facilities-management plans, signs, and posters, the 36″ devices are rated at up to to 21 seconds for an Arch D (24″ x 36″) print and now support 300 ml ink tanks, helping to lower cost-per-print. A sub-ink tank system allows users to deplete all of the ink in the tank before replacing them, as well as to replace empty ink tanks without needing to stop the printer, increasing productivity during continuous print runs. The iPF785 and iPF685 models are also equipped with a 320-GB hard drive for enhanced file processing, personal document mailbox space, and job storage for up to 500 print jobs.

The iPF785 MFP M40 and iPF780 MFP M40 models now have the ability to scan documents up to 315″ in length as a PDF or JPEG file, and up to 590″ in length as a TIFF file. The M40 scanner has a maximum optical resolution of 1,200 dpi, scan speeds of up to 13″ per second for monochrome, 3″ per second for color, and also the ability to scan documents that are up to 2mm thick. The M40 features a stand-alone computer and multi-touch-screen monitor, and come with SmartWorks MFP software V 3.55 to simplify scan-to-print, -file and -share processes.

Bolstered Productivity

In their fastest modes, the iPF785 and iPF780 printers can produce an Arch D-size print (24″ x 36″) in approximately 21 seconds and Arch E-size print (33.1″ x 46.8″) in approximately 41 seconds, while the iPF685 and iPF680 printers have output speeds of up to 25 seconds for Arch D prints and 48 seconds for Arch E prints. The 24″ printers now also come standard with a Flat Stacker/Basket that provides the capability to stack up to 20 24 “x 36” plain-paper prints.

Canon’s Direct Print & Share 2.0 software is a downloadable cloud-portal solution for expanding printing workflows. This software enables users to view, share, and print a variety of files, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG and HP-GL/2 formats, from virtually anywhere. Users can utilize the new “Shortcut Print” feature to drag-and-drop files they wish to print into hot folders on their desktops.

The new systems are also compatible with Canon’s new imagePROGRAF Print Utility mobile app, which provides wireless printing from a compatible iPad device. The app allows users to perform a number of actions, including previewing their PDF file, and selecting number of copies, orientation, and image quality before sending the job to any of the compatible imagePROGRAF printers sharing the same network.

Increased Color Range and Precision

The new imagePROGRAF systems come with a five-color dye/pigment reactive ink system, including a newly formulated magenta ink that Canon says helps produce more vivid reds and yellows. Canon says its inks are scratch- and marker-resistant, and produce crisp and legible text. The systems incorporate Canon’s high-density PF-04 inkjet print head, which uses 15,360 nozzles to lay down ink droplets.

SmartWorks MFP Software

SmartWorks MFP software provides tools that help users quickly scan to print/file/share large-format technical documents. New features include:

  • Ability to add custom presets with one-touch retrieval for those frequently used settings,
  • Full integration with Canon Digital Print & Share cloud software.

According to Canon, users have more control over their workflow with access to editing functions such as invert, mirror, and black-and-white point adjustments. Custom presets help users control the scanner and increase control over printer settings.

Optional software includes:
  • SmartWorks V3.5 Plus, which gives users the ability to scan and print multi-page PDF documents on-the-fly. This allows users to take multiple drawings or documents, scan them using the M40 scanner and either save or print the set as one multi-page document. Users can now also perform color corrections and automatically crop the borders on their files using the preview mode and large touch-screen monitor, to ensure that they will be obtaining the desired output. The Plus version also supports PDF/archiving functionality.
  • PosterArtist, with a new lower MSRP of $395, includes features users need to more easily print posters, signs, and banners. To make sharing simpler, PosterArtist now provides the ability to save posters including custom images, clip art, and fonts, to a new file format. This complete file can be exported directly from PosterArtist to Canon’s Direct Print & Share cloud portal software for sharing between users.

Canon also says several independent software vendors market software available for use with these new imagePROGRAF systems. For instance, Cloud4MPS allows users to Web-enable compatible imagePROGRAF printers for remote-device management, status-and-usage Readings, consumables management, and more. Other companies include SA International, Technesis, Sepialine, EFI, Shiraz, Caldera, ColorGate, DEV Studio, SCP, and PosterJET.

The new imagePROGRAF systems are now available at manufacturer’s suggested retail prices of $2,495 (iPF680), $3,195 (iPF685), $4,495 (iPF780), $4,995 (iPF785), $8,495 (iPF780 MFP M40), $8,995 (iPF785 MFP M40), and PosterArtist ($395) and SmartWorks MFP Plus software ($595).
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