PrinterPoint is Managed Print Services for Wide-Format Printers


There’s managed print services (MPS) for office printers and MFPs, but what about managing wide-format printer? Sepialine has a solution with its just released Printerpoint, a cloud-based wide-format MPS solution for dealers and resellers of Hewlett-Packard, Canon, and Océ printers.

According to Sepialine, Printerpoint simplifies printer meter-read collection, provides instant device error and warning messages, and gives dealers new insight into how their customers use printer equipment.

“With Printerpoint, I get my monthly meter reads instantly,”says Paul Quiroga of DES Reprographics, a California-based equipment dealer. “I used to spend several days each month calling or emailing customers to get meter reads, or even driving onsite myself to record them. Printerpoint turns a frustrating monthly process into a simple task.”

Printerpoint also introduces a new billing concept for equipment dealers: Value Print Pricing. Printerpoint categorizes wide-format inkjet print jobs into easier to understand categories so that dealers can provide billing based on print job type, rather than on just total ink usage. These categories include black-and-white line drawing, color line drawing, map or color image, and full- color image.

“By providing customers with clearly defined job type categories, dealers can place wide-format color devices on the same type of per-use contracts that have been popular with black-and-white wide format devices.” says Jeremy Evans, Sepialine’s CEO and co-founder. “The most expensive part of a color print – the ink – no longer needs to be an unknown variable.”

With Printerpoint and Value Print Pricing, wide-format dealers have the information needed to accurately bill their customers for actual print usage, rather than with a guesstimate. “One of the big appeals of Value Print Pricing” continues Evans, “is using a single device for both color and monochrome printing. As color usage increases in technical documents, a dedicated monochrome device becomes less appealing.” By using Printerpoint to accurately categorize printing, dealers can provide a low “per-click” rate for monochrome line drawings, and higher costs for ink-intensive color printing.

Printerpoint costs $5 per device, per month, and requires no long-term contract. For more on Printerpoint, visit Sepialine here. A fully-featured trial is also available.

Printerpoint currently supports HP Designjet, Canon ImagePROGRAF, Océ Plotwave, Océ Colorwave, and Océ TCS and Océ TDS printers.


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