Lexmark’s Perceptive Software Launches MICR Printing Solution for Secure Printing

Perceptive secure printLexmark International’s Perceptive Software and Source Technologies have launched Perceptive Secure Print, a software and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printer solution that delivers secure printing for documents, such as checks.
Perceptive Secure Print allows businesses to use blank check stock instead of pre-printed stock, eliminating fraud, while also eliminating the cost of pre-printed checks. A MICR laser printer print the entire check, including the fixed data found on pre-printed stock, as well the variable data, such as payee name, amount, date, etc.
Perceptive Secure Print includes Source Technologies’ secure MICR technologies and software application, CheckPartner Enterprise, integrated into a Lexmark laser printer. It also includes a connector to Perceptive Content for importing variable data.
Perceptive Secure Print allows businesses to establish their process with user-defined rules around item types, issuers, requesters, reporting. and post-issuance reconciliation. Businesses can also control secure document and check issuance within an on-demand environment.
With a connector to Perceptive Content, Perceptive Secure Print enables current Perceptive Content customers to leverage their investment beyond its current functionality. Perceptive Secure Print is designed to seamlessly fit into a customer’s current network structure and readily accepts secure file uploads from teller platforms, accounting, human resources, enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, and other systems.Source Technologies has been Lexmark’s exclusiveMICR technology partner since Lexmark’s founding in 1991 and is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner, delivering many generations of secureMICR print solutions using Lexmark technology. Lexmark says that collaboration between it and Source Technologies occurs at the printer-engineering phase, ensuring that development is fully optimized for the secure print application.

For more information on Perceptive Secure Print, visit Perceptive here.


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