OKI Data Launches ‘Mobile Print’ App for Android for Wide Range of Multifunctionals and Printers

The main menu for OKI’s Mobile Print app for Android.

OKI Data of Tokyo is launching a new mobile-printing solution for Android mobile devices. Developed by OKI, and available in Japanese and English, the app enables direct printing from mobile devices running the Android operating system, is available via Google Play, and is compatible with a wide range of OKI’s LED-based single function printers and OKI LED-based MFPs available in the global market.

Previously, Google Cloud Print allowed users to print from Android mobile devices to a selection of OKI’s A4 color LED-based MFPs. However, the newly developed “Mobile Print” app allows users to bypass the cloud and print directly from their Android mobile devices on networks integrating OKI’s LED-based printers and MFPs.

“Having direct printing from Android mobile devices to printers and MFPs within our broad product portfolio provides increased opportunities for our channel partners and improved options for our end customers,” commented Hiroshi Endo, director and divisional general manager of Products Business Division for OKI Data. “With the demand for mobile printing increasing, OKI Data will continue to aggressively develop solutions for the ever-expanding mobile market to provide optimal printing solutions to meet customers’ business needs.”

Allowing users to print PDF files, photographs, and Web pages from their mobile devices, Mobile Print also includes Correction Functions, which allow users to correct image distortions and color balance before printing. This can be useful, for example, for a adjusting a photo of a whiteboard taken with a mobile device’s camera. Mobile Print is also compatible with OKI Print Job Accounting functions, allowing administrators to manage print jobs, and impose printing restrictions for mobile printing.

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, “Mobile Print” supports Android 4.4, the latest version of the Android operating system.

OKI Data plans to develop its the Mobile Print app in several other languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

Mobile Print Specifications

The new Mobile Print app support Android 2.3 to 4.4, and these file formats: PDF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TEXT, and PDF direct. The following OKI MFPs and printers support the new Mobile Print app:
  • A3 color LED printers: C841/C831/C822/C811/C941/C931/C911/C910.
  • A4 color LED printers: C711/C610/C531/C331/C321.
  • A3 color LED MFPs: MC862/MC861/MC860/MC852/MC851.
  • A4 color LED MFPs: MC780/MC770/MC760/MC562w/MC362w/MC562/MC362/MC352/MC342/MC332,,
  • A4 monochrome LED printers: B841/B821/B801/B840/B820.
  • A4 monochrome LED printers: B731/B721/B701 B431/B411/B401/B4500/B4600/B4400.
  • A4 monochrome LED MFPs: MB491/MB471/MB461/MB451/MB441.

Our Take

Adding mobile-printing support to its MFPs and printers has been a key strategy for OKI Data. Last month, it added Apple AirPrint mobile-printing support to several of its standalone printers (see here). In February 2014, it announced Google Cloud Print compatibility for its OKI MC300 Series and MC500 A4 color MFPs (see here). In July 2013, it added AirPrint support to its MC562w A4 color MFPs (see here).

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