In ‘Disruptive’ Move, HP Will Bring Page-Wide Color Inkjet Printing to Large-Format Production Printing

pagewide wide format

Hewlett-Packard today announced the scaling of its PageWide inkjet color printing – used by its up-to 70-ppm HP Officejet Pro X and Enterprise office printers and MFPs – for use in large-format printers that will be available in the second half of 2015. HP also introduced two new Designjet large-format printers, the HP Designjet T3500 Production eMultifunction Printer and HP Designjet T7200 Production Printer (see below).

HP says new the PageWide large-format printers available next year will be designed for applications such as printing full-color and black-and-white drawings, maps, and posters, and will be a disruptive force in the $1.3 billion production-printing market currently dominated by black-and-white printers using light-emitting diode (LED) printing.

“The new large-format HP PageWide Technology will disrupt the production printing market by offering customers an affordable option for high-volume quality prints, transforming an industry that typically prints in monochrome to now print in color without compromising speed,” says Stephen Nigro, senior vice president for HP’s Graphics and Inkjet Solutions Business.,

With HP’s PageWide technology, the print head contains more than 200,000 ink nozzles on a stationary print bar, and the print head spans the width of a page. HP large-format printers available next year will be able to print a full page in a single pass for faster print speeds and turnaround times.

HP notes that with inkjet printing, the ink vehicle, is crucial to the stability of the ink, the ink-drop ejection process, and the overall print result. The HP PageWide print head, it says, is built with thousands of identical ink-drop generators that provide uniform ink volume, speed, and trajectory for precise printing. The technology also regulates the speed and penetration of HP pigment inks for faster ink drying and for controlling ink-dot size, feathering, and color-to-color bleed for high-quality prints.

Ultimately, It says PageWide printing applied to large-format printers translates into a lower cost per page, lower energy consumption versus toner-based printers, and offers the flexibility to use low-cost photo papers for graphics-rich printing.

pagewide wide format

HP showed its large-format printer using PageWide printing and pigment inks, and which will be available next year, this week in San Diego, California.

HP Designjet T3500 Production Multifunction Printer (eMFP)

designjet t3500

Both new Designjet printers introduced today (which do not incorporate PageWide printing) are designed to handle the print volumes of enterprise organizations; central reprographic departments (CRDs); architectural, engineering, construction (AEC) and design firms; public-sector agencies; quick printers; and small- to mid-size reprographic houses.

HP says the full-color 36″ Designjet T3500 is the most productive large-format color multifunctional printer in its category (compared with large-format color MFPs under $25,000, and based on the fastest-rated color speeds published by manufacturers as of January 2014), and is ideal for enterprise use.

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