Xerox Aims to Build Production Inkjet Portfolio Comparable to Toner Portfolio

impikaSpeaking at the recent expansion of its Impika facility in Aubagne, France, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns stressed the company’s commitment to production inkjet, commenting, “We need to build the same depth of portfolio in inkjet as we have in xerography. We could have thrown a lot of money at building it up from scratch, but we didn’t have to. Impika was a great fit and we’ll do that every single time if we have the chance. It jump started us in the marketplace.”

Ursula Burns, Chairman & former CEO of Xerox

In February 2013, Xerox acquired Impika, maker of aqeous-based production inkjet-printing systems, for $53 million. It recently made a multi-million investment in expanding Impika’s facilities.

Impika operates in a market segment that will contribute significantly to our growth in the years to come,” said Burns. 

High-end production printing made up 21 percent of Xerox’s $8.9 billion document-technology division last year.

Jeff Jacobson, chief operating officer for Xerox Technology, commented that Xerox intends to be the market leader in both production print across both toner and inkjet segments: “We want to become number one overall in the commercial graphics space.”

Impika is said to use Panasonic and Kyocera inkjet print heads in its systems. However, there’s some possibility that Xerox could either develop its own head, or acquire a print-head manufacturer.

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