OKI Data Devices Now Compatible with DocuWare Content-Management Solutions


docuware-op-panelAs part of a recent co-marketing agreement between OKI Data and DocuWare Corporation, OKI Data Americas is announcing the development of DocuWare Module Connect to OKI, which provides connectivity between DocuWare content-management solutions and OKI MFPs that incorporate OKI’s smart Extendable Platform. The integration of DocuWare’s solutions with OKI smart MFPs allows paper documents to be digitized and stored quickly and easily, and to be made available immediately to authorized users.

DocuWare solutions enable companies to organize and manage the flow of information both internally and externally from any MFP anywhere within the organization. One-touch automated scan workflows ensure accuracy and consistency of document digitization, and improve business processes. In particular, DocuWare Module Connect to OKI: simplifies document scan-and-capture tasks using OKI smart MFPs; facilitates document storage in a centralized location; personalise scanning destinations and indexing options for easier document filing and retrieval; and eliminates the need for fax phone lines.

Users can scan and store documents from their OKI MFP in a single step, and make documents immediately available to all authorized users. This integration of OKI MFPs with DocuWare’s document-management solutions allows paper documents to be digitized and stored quickly and easily to organizations’ DocuWare digital-document file cabinets.

Benefits include:

  • Save time at the MFP with personalized scanning.
  • Intelligent Indexing can automatically fill fields.
  • Create and assemble PDF documents.
  • Send digital files directly to a computer in the fewest possible steps.
  • Select and print archived documents on the MFP

OKI’s open-architecture smart Extendable Platform allows for the development and integration of other customized solutions to meet each organizations’ document-management needs.

For more information about the use of DocuWare with OKI smart MFPs, visit OKI Data Americas here.


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