PretonSaver Can Now be Used to Verify Printing-Cost Savings with Xerox ColorQube Printers

Preton, a provider of software for reducing printing costs, and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, reports that its patented Pixel Optimization and analysis software technology can now be used to help users achieve even greater savings on color printing using Xerox ColorQube’s solid-ink color printers.

“Color printing adds tremendous value to documents but there is a cost factor”, says Tim Bohn, Preton’’s Vice President of the America’s. “Whether a document is a full-color brochure or just features highlight color, most suppliers will charge the same for every color page. However, Xerox’s ColorQube 3 Tier billing model charges only for the amount of color used. Now with Preton technology, customers can actually see just how much savings can be achieved.”

With Preton’s new 3 Tier analysis tool (X3T) a document can be uploaded online to verify which tier and price point the document would fall under. PretonSaver software can also be leveraged as part of an on-site assessment to analyze all documents printed by an organization to determine how much cost savings can be achieved based on the organization’s actual printing.

Ori Eizenberg, Preton’’s CEO states “In today’s economic environment, every opportunity for cost reduction must be explored. With Preton pixel analysis technology, companies can see exactly how much can be saved with three tiered billing and then monitor print on an ongoing basis to assure savings are being maximized by identifying jobs which can be more cost effectively printed on ColorQube devices. ”

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